August 19, 2010

push "play"...

im back
play button is pushed
kids are back in school
i am up to my elbows in laundry
{happily washing beach towels and swimsuits}
wanted to jump right in with the gazillion photos i took on our "pause"
but i came home to so much goodness going on with all of you
that i wanted to hit "play" with all the cul*ti*vat*ing swirling about out there

old news i know but 
is in the autumn issue of
i finally found it at a barnes and noble in california and squealed out loud.
it.s full of wonderfulness. rachel being a huge bright flower in the bouquet of talent
found within the pages...
keep soaring mbfinm!
one of the "cutest" 
{in the BEST sense of the word}
artists i have been blessed to be friends with, has launched her first book...
and you simply must get yourself a copy.
it.s about a wonderful little rabbit named "hinkle" who lives
in an abandoned chicken coop and miss mindy has written AND illustrated
the entire thing.  an artist AND an author...what will she do next?
i truly love the friendships i have made through this blog.
i never cease to be amazed at the talent and genuine awesomeness 
of you guys.  i was giddy as i "finally" retrieved our mail from the long "pause"
and found this joyful love package waiting for me.
sent it to me all the way from new zealand.  
it was full of all sorts of clever kiwi amor like
this little hei-tiki..
usually he.s dressed in green, 
but i agree with katherine that his lovely red suit is oh so nice.
i am going to have a kiwi hayday with this slang fridge poetry set.
so far, i am loving hissy fit.  crikey.  puckeroo.  and rattle your dags.
{hope i didn.t just say anything naughty to my friends in new zealand...}
dear katherine, please know your package brought an immediate smile to my freckled face.
you are simply the best!
.......... missed you all.
weird how you can miss a whole lot of amazing people mostly never met before.
but i managed to do it!
can.t wait to see what you have all been cul*ti*vat*ing while been gone.


  1. oh chrissy!! so much goodness, how wonderful! totally LOVING Katherine's fabulous kiwi package (isn't she such an amazing soul?) - I love that you will have some of our new zealand-isms on your fridge, enjoy!

    hope you are well rested after pushing pause for a while for some beach time fun xx

  2. Missed you too hun, glad you are back!!

    Micki x

  3. Hi, hope it's OK to contact you here. We would love to include your blog on our giveaway search engine: Giveaway Scout ( Have a look and if interested, use our online form to add your blog ( ). thanks, Josh

  4. Oh Chrissy thanks so much, you are the sweetest... I don't think you will have offended anyone with your kiwi slang... crikey means 'Oh my'! puckeroo is when something is broken or doesn't work, and rattle your dags means to hurry up or get a move on.

    I have missed you too... and can't wait to see all your beautiful photos.


  5. I have missed you to dear chrissy. so good to see you back here. I am so happy that you had such a wonderful summer. can't wait to see your photographs, they are like eye candy to me.

  6. crikey!
    this post
    melts my
    little ol'
    thank you
    so oogily much
    for such kindness!
    i will email you
    much more
    when i can soooooon!
    & mindy's book
    looks ADORABLE
    & oh how i'd love
    to pour through her pages
    & befriend that hare hinkle!
    & katherine
    is so inspired & lovely
    i'll also look forward
    to seeing all your photos
    that will follow!
    bless your heart
    to begin w/others...
    i am always
    amazed by you,
    deer friend.

  7. Soooooo lovely to have you back in the blog world here, we have MISSED YOU TOO. Love Mindys book, and Rachels post in the mag (im so addicted to those magazines) and what a lovely package from NZ. You are one inspiring lady my lovely. Hugs to you and forget about the washing and have a lovely cuppa and replay some of the fabulous memories from the past few weeks. xxx

  8. dear chrissy,
    so happy to see you back and sharing your world. can't wait to hug on you soon!

  9. so happy you're back! it's so wonderful to see all of these beautiful things!


  10. i saw your friend Rachel Awes in the magazine this weekend too!! i may have to use a Borders coupon to get a copy of my own - YAY! for Rachel!! and where can one buy those New Zealand magnets?? i really need to have "rattle your dags" on my fridge at home!!

    it's good to see you posting again and i'm REALLY looking forward to seeing the photos of your summer vacation =-)

  11. for as much as you missed us.....we've been missing you a thousand times more!!! thank you for sharing the news about rachel and hinkle and your package from new zealand........definitely all things to be schoolgirl giddy over!!! so glad you're back, sweet choco-friend!! xox, :))


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