September 15, 2009

...ready for TAKEOFF!

...this little blog, this online journey, has been a long time a comin. i have actually been making posts for a few years my mind. the thought of actually "putting" them out there in blogland for just anyone to read however made me queasy. to me it felt like opening my heart to the world. that same heart that I often keep locked tight. what if people laugh at me? what if people scoff at my artwork? what if people leave really mean comments? what if? what if? what if? those little devil "what ifs?"!!! they can really play a number on one's self esteem and confidence can't they?
i've been a closet addicted blog reader for several years now. there is a universe of amazing bloggers out there. More often than i care to admit, i've found myself passing hours in front of my computer...reading, linking, learning, laughing, crying, wishing, hoping, amazed, and inspired.
because folks out there were willing to "share" their thoughts with the world, their insights, their artwork, their knowledge, their vision through a lens....i have been blessed.
my hope is that by chronicling this journey that i'm on, this need to cultivate all the good things available to me in my life, i will be able to bless my children and hopefully bless some of you in return.
...and now, i am ready for takeoff!

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  1. and you are so on your way! you write so beautifully my dear friend! xoxoxo


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