July 16, 2010

sidewalk art...

there is nothing like a grandpa to lift the wings of two budding artists...
me and my little creative sidekick...aka...my 10 yr. old daughter micah...
took our painting skills outside while the weather is nice here in utah.
we layed out a huge roll of paper across my dad.s front walkway and had at it.
we only had to contend with a few ants, several spiders
 and a small furry critter who paused on his way to see what we were up to.
the land here is as green as i.ve ever seen it 
and the colors jumping off the flower beds are radiant.
it wasn.t hard to find inspiration all around. 
i love how micah wanted to know the names of all the flowers she painted.
 i, on the other hand was quite happy making up my own names for things.
my little mind figured that if they don.t have real names,
 then it.s easier to paint them because they can be whatever
you want them to be and it will never look wrong.

that.s one of the beauties of art...

{notice how i snuck in some of my art work..see..i told you i was going to set sail again}


  1. You are sailing! And beautifully so.

  2. How exciting to see some of your art and hear about your special time with your daughter, and about your Dad as well. Have fun and enjoy getting into art again. It sure brightens my days (after work)!!

  3. What a wonderful way to spend a sunny day, and what a sweetheart your dad is! That paintbrush looks very comfortable in your hand. Love the flowers

  4. blue skies, daughter at your side ~ making art...a perfect day in my book:)

  5. What a cute dad!!! love your art work. love that you make it so beautiful and accessible. love that you did it with Micah. You are awesome!

  6. What a great Summer of Love you're having! I can smell the sweet flowers and feel the creative spark flowing :)

  7. sail on, sweet girl.....sail on!!! and have fun at your dad's house!!!! xox, :))
    p.s. LOVE your artwork!!! xo

  8. I love your painting! How fun to spend that time with you daughter who looks to have some talent of her own. Wouldn't the world be such a different place without creative souls.

  9. sonds like a wonderful day for the two of you and very cute paintings... xxx

  10. Micah's

    love the flowers.
    they are stunning & free.
    love to you both. xoxox

  11. Such a great way to spend a day. These are gorgeous. Hope you are enjoying your time. Lots of love to you. Oh and im going to be setting myself a painting challenge in August to explore some color so Im going to see who else wants to join in, hope you are up for it? xxx

  12. oh i love this so much!!!
    i can just picture the two of you side by side
    creating, giggling, smiling.....

    and you already know how i feel about
    your artistic talents!!!! you have SO many of them....
    so sail my friend!


    ps....i am so in love with that sweet little sign your dad posted!!
    just love it!!!

  13. sounds like a wonderfully fun day. and all of the work is lovely! yours and micah's!

  14. Is your dad not the sweetest???? I love that you all support each other in your journeys. It is a true gift.

    I can't wait to see more of your creations!
    YOU GO GIRL. The sunset on the horizon is waiting for you, gently holding your hand, encouraging you on. Remember, the key to sailing, is to point your mast into the wind and keep a steady course. Sometimes the wind will fade, but that is when you change directions, find the wind again and off you go!!

    Love you girl.

  15. i love seeing your art...
    love the sign...your dad's pride and softness show through...
    what a sweet talent your daughter is...

  16. How fun Chrissy. I have been thinking about you all week. I should have jumped on my magic carpet ride to come visit you while you were here. Life should not be so busy that you can't just stop what you are doing to go and meet a new friend when they are so very close :-)

  17. how lovely! i am just delighted to see all of those flower illustrations and how sweet you could share in this experience. i just love imagining it! and am inspired to get my own giant roll of paper and lay it out and draw this weekend with some friends!

    best wishes to you!

  18. That sounds like so much fun, Chrissy! I love the art!

  19. Beautiful...the art, the post, the beginnings of your sail. Keep enjoying it all.

  20. oh how very lovely. We have been making art maps up at the show and it's been great fun too :)

    Nice that you have a willing creative sidekick.


  21. YAY!! Got to see your beautiful flower paintings!! So great to paint with children. I always learn so much from my kids when we do.


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