July 7, 2010


there is something about leaving the vastness of the desert
where 110 degrees is not uncommon on a summer day
and landing in the succor of mountain arms.
 magestic.  rugged.  cool.  green.  peaceful.
where a short boat ride across a lake and an easy mile hike
leads to powerful rushing waters.  loud and thunderous.
the grand teton in the jackson hole valley of wyoming
 rises 13,770 feet into the sky.
even in july the remnants of the winter snows scatter across it.s peaks.
for as long as i can remember, this beautiful country
is where i have played many of my summer days away.
catching frogs.  tubing down streams.  looking for moose.  misquito bites.

i feel so grateful that i have been able to pass this tradition
onto my own five children. 
to watch their awe and wonder and love for this land grow as mine did.
to know that they can recognize an aspen tree
and stand still long enough to hear it.s leaves quaking in the wind.
i love that they are imprinting their admiration of this town..this land
onto everyday movements in their lives.
i feel something so spiritual when i am here.
it is proof to me of my firm belief in a loving creator.
i feel so blessed.
i feel home.
i can breath.
i exhale.

{i am still on vacation, but wanted to share a peek of my recent world with my friends}


  1. This is why I come to visit your blog. You offer such beauty and such reminders of why this world is so wonderful. And both in what you are telling us about, and just in who you are.

    You rock Chrissy!


  2. Fabulous, sounds like you are having a great time!!

    Micki x

  3. This is breathtaking... I hope you enjoy the rest of your time here in this beautiful wonderland with your children.

    It must be nice to have a breather from the hot weather back home...


  4. I love Jackson, I grew up on my family's farm on the other side of those mountains and every time I go back to visit I wake up early to see the sun rise over those peaks. They are spectacular on both sides!

  5. Somehow you managed to communicate that beautiful place in such a way that I exhaled, all the way over here in England. So cool that you are all on a big trip together

  6. chrissy, what a gift it is to see a bit of what you & your family are seeing! this was home for my dad too & sweetly reminds me of our trip to this neck of the woods a yr ago. our creator is such an amazing artist of mountains, streams, trees, hearts & whisper/i am w/you sister.

  7. wonderful! Thank you for sharing this!

  8. I live at the beach and have for the better part of my life, which I love. Thanks for sharing your time in the mountains. Your photos are lovely and makes me want to visit one day! :)

  9. Chrissy, beautiful photos and like Beth i exhaled too. You have such a talent for words and photography its such a joy to come visit you in our virtual world inbetween physical hugs. love and hugs. xxx

  10. this looks like a piece of heaven!! and i could sit and read your words all day long.....you have such a fabulous gift for the written word, little miss sunshine!! SO glad you're having great family time in a place that holds such a dear, warm spot in your heart! xoxox, :))

  11. beautiful! thanks so much for sharing your journey along the way. way back in the summer of 1997, my husband and i took a three week vacation throughout the northwest. we actually started in alaska (running a marathon!) and then flew to seattle, rented a car and drove through the olympic peninsula, down the washington coast to oregon over to idaho and then montana. we spent two nights in glacier national park, in july, and marveled at the 12 foot banks of snow on going-to-the-sun road. we played golf (okay, I didn't play golf, i just drove the cart...:-) with a friend in missoula until after midnight..enjoying that midnight sun that time of year. thanks for bringing back all those memories.

  12. Oh I've always wanted to go there. That picture of your children is precious. Really. I'm so glad you are really breathing and doing something so good for your soul. xo

  13. i just adore you.
    adore these pictures
    adore these words
    adore the pic of your beautiful children
    adore that you are enjoying this special time with your family
    adore that you and me are friends.


  14. Chrissy, I've said it before, your kids are the luckiest on the planet! I love that shot of all of them together looking out.

    My oh my what a beautiful escape!

    The skateboard pic is so sweet ;)

    Wishing I were there! Enjoy your vacation.
    love to you!

  15. Chrissy,

    Looks gorgeous and peaceful! I visited Jackson Hole when I was a girl with my family and it was indeed awe inspiring. Happy vacation!


  16. ~i am EXHALING...how beautiful to be surrounded by such beauty and family...to re~live and create new memories as together...life doesn't get any better than that...enjoy! warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  17. How wonderful; I love the memories you are instilling in your family! Happy Friday; It looks like a magical time, to enjoy the sense of
    being and the uniqueness of our planet~


  18. Wow!!!

    your pictures are amazing and your words sent chills up my spine

  19. Look how close you were to me dear Chrissy and you didn't even stop by to visit. LOL! Your pictures are beautiful and your beautiful words inspire. We are so very blessed to live in this gorgeous world. I am happy you are home safe.
    I am a Momma to five too :-)

  20. Dear Chrissy-I have am only recently catching up on blogs and ...those gremlins that were visiting you the other day...I am glad they were banished! You are too beautiful a soul for them to stay for too long! You are gifted in so many ways...it makes my heart sing that you are going to start creating when you get back from your vacation (which seems pretty amazing by the way). P.S. You are a wonderfully talented writer too ...Big Hugs xxx

  21. just gorgeous...not just the place,
    but your family,
    your words,
    the inspiration!!

    enjoy!!!! i'm only just away at a little vacation lake in iowa with my little family, and the change of pace, the lovely water, the clarity in the blue skies...i am finally exhaling as well.
    it's been a crazy and sort of chaotic, stressful summer for me...so this break comes at the perfect time.

    sending xxoo

  22. Looks like heaven! Being out in the wide open and sharing it with your family, is just wonderful.

  23. Sounds like you're having a fantastic time :) and your words are just beautiful in this post :)

  24. just poppin in to say

    love to love ya!!!!


  25. just wonderful! so glad you are having a good time. and i just adore seeing all of these beautiful and inspiring photos! thank you!

    xoxo, juliette

  26. It looks like you're surrounded by pure magic. And to be experiencing all of this with your family...well, this is MOST wonderful.

  27. well done mama! What a lovely place to be reminded of the VASTNESS OF GOD and HIS PLANS for us.

    So my trip to AZ-Chandler,AZ is actually where we call home... Been in Germany b.c hubby is here stationed with the Navy-I will most definitely trt to connect with you. -Robin

  28. once i made the drive through jackson hole and the grand tetons in june - it was majestic! thank you for reminding me of that stunning view - and what a great place to take your family!

  29. Gosh, how could anyone be anything but refreshed after a trip there. I could almost feel that icy water spray from the river. Those mountains seem to contain a strange power don't you think? I'd love to visit there one day - incredible. Your children will so appreciate holidays like this, lucky things :)


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