March 18, 2011

mr.cake boss....

dear buddy valastro...
 this is a very poor photo of you on my television.
i do not watch you.   nothing personal.  i just don.t watch t.v. 
(except "modern family" which i think is hysterically funny)
my 11 yr. old daughter thinks you are the bomb 
and can recount each episode in carlo's bake shop 
with distinct detailed precision, right down to the last fondant pansy.
but it is my two oldest boys who have become rather obsessed with your show.
no...this is not a crime scene.
this is my kitchen!!!
this is what happens when two hungry teenage boys 
watch a show about your bakery...they get creative!
and messy!
they break out the chef hats.
and sisters become recipe tasters.
all sorts of ingredients that don.t normally hang out together...
get piled high onto spongy sweet beds.
the victorious winners are carefully chosen... a process of (calorie laden) elimination.
and my kitchen and my baking supplies
are left shaking their heads and wondering what in the sweet 
"gardner cake boss"
world just happened.

{i am glad i have someone else to blame 
for those three pounds i gained last week mr. valastro}

cultivate your creative baking skills with someone you love today!


  1. this is so awesome for so many reasons - a male chef is inspiring your young men to experiment in the kitchen!! baking ain't just for the ladies ;)

    i hope they experiment again and whip up a delicious dinner for you on Mother's Day!

  2. Chrissy, i love it!! Especially love that your boys are in the kitchen (I know, no fun if you get stuck with the clean-up!), but those cupcakes do look rather divine, I must say!!!

  3. Chrissy I had to smile as I read this post!! I am a huge cake boss fan! However it has not translated into me spending more time experimenting in my kitchen! lol That is great your family is having so much fun with this! The pics are great! Now I wish I had a cupcake! :)

  4. HILARIOUS!!! Those kids of yours are truly AWESOME!! Love that family of yours. What a great momma you are! Kisses!!!

  5. i've never heard of the cake boss but i made some funkalicious tie-dye cupcakes yesterday i'm sure your busy bakers would love : ) what a great post!

  6. cutest post ever!
    i want a cupcake :-)

  7. awesome! great to see boys baking! i actually met the cake boss and had some of his cake last summer in new york city. each summer i go up there for the annual summer advisors leadership institute and each time, we all get a special lunch at sardi's. this year, the last living member of the "Honeymooners" cast (I'm sorry to say I can't remember her name! Janet something!) attended out luncheon and donated to our charity for the year, Broadway Cares. The Cake Boss was there with a cake for us! It was very cool. The cake was all decorated like a Broadway stage. :-)

  8. love it!!!!

    awesome pics and oh how i would love to have one of those cupcakes for breakfast!!!

    happy weekend bestie!

  9. you make me so happy. seriously. i love this post and you. you really know how to tell a story, miss sunshine! ♥

  10. oh chrissy, we have seen this show
    (crazy caking!) & what i really love, here,
    is the freedom your children feel to
    be their own show & play w/their ingredients
    & cultivate yumminess in their
    beautiful, loving home.
    sending love to all these darling faces. xox

  11. Jake loves this show too! You are an awesome mama to go with the flow on those creations!

  12. Yum, pass the red velvet one, will yah?! How it! It is pizza mess in my house, right now. Flour everywhere, usually a flour fight,...! Enjoy these sweet memories, Chrissy, they are priceless!!! xXx

  13. I came over from Kj's blog. This is the sweetest post ever :-). Darling boys and sister. I have to go look up the cake boss now. xoxo

  14. I don't know who this man is (guessing we don't get his show in Ireland) but i also love modern family and the middle which is evn funnier! Those little cakes look amazing by the way so the tv chef man must be doing something right to inspire your kids that way!

  15. i am so baking cupcakes to day! love that RED :)

  16. that is so so fun! what a ball you must have had mama!

  17. I love cake boss! I think it's fantastic that your boys are inspired. :)

  18. Yum! This is awesome Chrissy, your kids are darling. :) I'm baking cupcakes this week!
    Happy Tuesday♥

    Love Modern Family too, so hillarious!

  19. my oldest son started off cooking and baking when he was a teen. Now he's a chef at one of the best restaurants on the gulf coast! I love guys in the kitchen!

  20. Love seeing your boys in the kitchen and their creations looked yummy!

  21. I like it when kids bake or get creative in any other way - it's such fun to share these things with them. And these cupcakes look good - would like to have one now, with my mid-morning tea! Have a great day!

  22. Looks yummy! So cool your kids are interested in cooking or I guess baking. :) So much fun to play in the kitchen. Totally wanting a cupcake now...

  23. Chrissy, I'm smiling at our similarities over here. I watch Modern Family and that's about it....well, Glee too :) I love to see your kids getting messy in the kitchen. It's a whole lot more productive than sitting in their rooms with ear buds in and the door shut.

    Happy Saturday!


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