March 4, 2011

bumps in the road...

i find that in sharing some of my trials with all of you,
that i am really "never" alone.
there is always someone, somewhere who has trials "beyond" my own.
trials that i don.t think i would have the capacity to endure.
trials that make me grateful that "my own" trials in life...
...are custom made just for me.
just for chrissy.

when trials creep up in my life, i often think..
"ok.  why this lesson AGAIN?  what am i not learning?"
but i read something today that reminded me that...

"sometimes that which we are doing is 'correct enough' but simply needs to be persisted in...PATIENTLY...not for a minute or a moment but sometimes for years."

i am trying my best to appreciate the trials that come my way.
and to look at them as opportunities to grow.
to stretch.
to reach.
i want to be the kind of person who endures my trials with faith.

my blog is named CUL*TI*VATE
i need to remember "why" i chose that name.
"to prepare. to grow.  to develop.  to nurture"

i am a believer in that 
"whatever ye sow, that shall ye also reap."
between the "sowing" and the "reaping" lies 
the harvest.  MY harvest depends on what i do once my seeds are sown.

i hope to be able to 
as i cultivate this life of mine.

i offer my hope to you as well that you may be able to 
endure the trials or strifes or bumps in your road.

you have been so kind to me during my "storms" and i am here for you in yours!
with all my love,

cultivate the patience to "endureth all things"


  1. Catching up on blogs today and reading your last two posts is just what I needed. I definitely have many things to learn. Many of them over and over. Love this. It's what I need to hear but positive--not in the "Feel guilty" way that sometimes happens when we are working on challenges.
    Thank you.

  2. Oh Chrissy, just read your last 2 posts - boy, you've been through something! I hope your son is feeling OK now and is on his way to normal again. You are such a wonderful mom, and it's good to know you here in blogland! Trials - oh yes, i'm having a lot of those lately. And i'm coping best, when i just stay in the present moment and do, what is right in front of me, And breathe. Bless you! xx

  3. This is a beautiful post Chrissy. I am so sorry for the bumps you have experienced lately.
    You know I love you Chrissy and my thoughts and prayers are with you and your sweet family.
    It was so very nice to talk to you this morning- just what I needed to start my day.

    Have a beautiful weekend dear friend!

  4. I am here for you for sure! Thank you for posting this. It's a really good little nugget to keep right out there in front.
    Hope your son is feeling better!

  5. sending {{hugs}} hope your son is getting stronger each day.
    inhale (deep breath) exhale (whisper "patience") - helps me in challenging situations! perhaps it might work for you???

  6. Thank you, Chrissy, for this encouragement. I so need it right now.

    I'm here in the storm, too. We can share an umbrella.

    Sending love <3

  7. Isn't it interesting how it takes patience to develop patience? Sometimes I'm not so patient either, but I'm working on it..always working on it.

  8. love you my dear, sweet, friend.
    You endure your trials with such strength.
    Thank you for helping me
    through my storms.
    love you.
    keep your chin up.
    love you.

  9. That was beautiful and so are you. So glad I know such amazing people in my life.

  10. Sweet Chrissy! You are such a patient and loving willing to give love freely and abundantly on this planet. You are brave and true when it is time to endure...I admire you for this.
    love you so much!!!

  11. I appreciate this post but wish the storms to quickly pass. I understand this post more than you will ever know, but see strength grow in these times!!!!!! We are all in this life together so I pray you patience with courage and a huge smile and well that storms will turn into rainbows for you and quickly!!!!!!!!

  12. I can so relate to your post; We have to remember we need some sun to tend to this garden of life.
    I think you need to do something that calms you and let the past sift through the hour glass of time. We all reflect on the good n' the bad, but maybe just for today, reflect on the present-a gift for yourself!!! xXx

  13. sweet brave girl.......patience, endurance are not easy things to come by. {ironically, i never understood why i need extra patience while i'm trying to be patient, but just thinking out loud here.....}. but hey, as long as we have to take the time to be patient and endure much, we may as well be loving those around us with all our hearts......and precious one, you're doing a perfect job with that!!!! i hope that dillon is feeling better each day.....God is so good. xox

  14. hi deer! i realize you wrote this on march 4, which was the day my dad died 2 yrs ago...
    bumps in the road! we are soooo on this road together, lovely one!
    i'm thinking of you lots & dillon!
    lots & lots of love!!! xoxox

  15. oh sweet, Chrissy, just catching up on your blog. sending big hugs and big prayers that things continue to be well for Dillon and your whole sweet family.

  16. as we all try our best to endureth all things, having friends like you just makes it that much easier. We've got your back sweetheart, as I know you have mine.
    Sending you strength, hope and happier days ahead.
    love, love, love you

  17. Hi my friend, just wanted to come by and let you know I am thinking of you. xoRobin

  18. you've been in my prayers, I hope your guy is doing better.


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