February 27, 2011

today is YOUR gift....embrace it!

isn.t it interesting how life unexpectedly hands us lessons.
or I should probably say in "my" case....God.
this handsome young man is my first born.
he is 18 years young.  he is funny.  artistic.  musical.  athletic.
did i mention funny?
and oh so sweet to his mom.  
a week ago last friday i was called to the school because he wasn.t feeling well.
i was met by the school nurse who said they had called 911 and the ambulance and paramedics were on their way.  "what in the world?"  i was not prepared for what i saw when i came around the corner.  my sweet boy was convulsing on the nurses bed.  when his eyes met mine there was sheer fear in those sweet browns...a look like "mom...what is happening to me?" "mom...help me!"
i lost it.  i wanted to be the calm mom that didn.t freak out but i wasn.t.  
in front of dillon i kept it together, but as soon as i stepped around the corner i was gone. my son does MMA {mixed martial arts}.  5 days before this he had been kicked in the head at practice and had gotten a concussion that we didn.t know about.  the problem there was that he went back and fought the next night and got hit in the head AGAIN.  the second and third hits to a concussion can be some of the most dangerous and the following days his swelling just progressed.  they were concerned about brain bleeding and severe swelling.  after arriving at the hospital, they were like busy bees coming and going..attending to his needs and attaching every tube and needle they could find to his shaking body.  i can.t tell you how grateful i was when two men from my church..{one was one of dillon.s best friends} showed up to give him a blessing of healing.  they honestly looked like angels walking in the room. dillon looked so relieved to see them there as well.  i have to say that i have an incredibly strong testimony in the power of prayer and this experience just solidified it.  no sooner did we say "amen" then dillon.s vital signs began to slowly drop.  his convulsions decreased and his eyes began to open and follow my fingers.  all the tests they took up to this point came back normal and i KNOW it was nothing short of a miracle of God.s hand.
 i had this precious soul home and safe in bed by night fall.
the following days all he did was sleep.  and sleep.  and sleep some more.
his 4 younger brothers and sisters watched him like hawks.  the little ones drew him pictures and make sure he had lots of dr. pepper to drink...his 13 yr. old brother  brought him ice cream and video games and movies and told him funny stories.  my 15 yr. old daughter has slept by his side since it all happened.  she did all his laundry and cleaned his room { NOT an easy task} she has really been there for me as well and i can truly say she is one of my best friends!  the kindness and the sweet spirit that has permeated our home since that friday is heavenly.  i want to just gather my chicks under my wing and hold them there forever.  i want to bottle this "LOVE" we all have for one another and seal the lid real tight.  i know it will not last.  life is like that.  we forget.  we become complacent and forget the events that shape us and the people who mean the world to us.  we forget that each day is a gift.
dillon's prognosis is good.  we are waiting for the results of an MRI.
but he is out of his wheelchair and back on his feet.  a blessing that came much faster than any of us had anticipated.  i know there have been so many of you who have kept my family in your prayers and for that i am extremely grateful.  
do me a favor and take a moment to tell those around you how much you love them.  how much they mean to you.  be more patient.  be present for your loved ones today.  leave a note.  send a text.  bake a cake.  listen more.  talk less.
today is YOUR gift....embrace it!

{i love you dillon...all the way to the moon and back a zillion times!}

cultivate a reverence for the "gift of today"!!!!


  1. wow.
    prayers and love and hugs to you and your family.
    along with wishes for continued healing for Dillon.
    you are a strong, brave, and beautiful woman - thank you for sharing your story and this reminder with all of us...

  2. Oh Chrissy! I'm so sorry you had to experience that worry! Prayers definitely answered for healing on your sweet boy. I hope the next news is wonderful too!

    Love you sweet girl, thank you for sharing such a personal and important message!

  3. Oh my Chrissy! How scary! I'm so happy that the prognosis is good. I'm sending you and your family my prayers. Thank you sharing this message. It is so easily overlooked and so, so important. I'll be thinking about you! XO

    (I moved my blog, but there is no name/url in your drop down, so I have to put in my old address. Sorry.)

  4. Chrissy, I did not realize what a difficult time you were going through. You crossed my mind and came up in so many conversations while at AAJ, little did we know you had so much on your plate. Stories of head injuries are so very scary. I could barely read your post without getting all teared up about it...and I am not a teary girl. lol (I do not remember if you know that our nephew was in a coma with a head injury for over a month, he lived which we attribute to all the prayers and love that were the only constant during that time)

    You and Dillon are in my heart and my prayers my friend.


  5. Oh Chrissy!! At the end of this post I started to well up and now have tears rolling down my cheeks. I am SO thankful your gorgeous son is ok! And that you are ok too!

    My daughter does karate and I am going to have her read this blog post. She has gone back on the mat in competition after a substantial blow to the head too. Dillion's story might help her to remember her head is rather important!

    Sending you much love beautiful lady! ♥

  6. Chrissy,
    In your email you mentioned you were dealing with sick kids. I thought perhaps the flu was going through your home like it has for so many of us.

    Praise God for answered prayers. Praise God that your son is doing well and recovering. What would we do without an amazing God to lean into in times like that?

    Blessings to you and your family my friend!!

  7. Gosh Chrissy, words fail me, I am so sorry this happened, I truly hope everything will be ok for your son.

    Love and hugs

    Micki x

  8. Oh Chrissy! I am so relieved to hear Dillon is on the mend and that you're finding good care for him. What a scary thing for a mama. And it's no surprise that your kiddos are rallying around him with love - they clearly learned it from you!

  9. oh yes, chrissy,
    how do we stay awake & see each other & with full-on love?! to experience that collectively in your family is an additional miracle from God! don't we looove miracles?!! i am on my knees thankful for the one of dillon's very life. his beautiful vulnerable strong life.
    big big hugs to you, dearest deer!
    i love you! xoxox

  10. I am so, so glad that he is better and you are all able to enjoy each other again! I cannot imagine how frightened you must have all been! Sending much love and a big hug! Silke

  11. Oh Chrissy, I am crying my eyes out after reading this, from the sad and the happy parts. I'm so pleased this story has a happy ending (although of course it's not the end) and I hope he continues to improve. The bit about how your family all pulled together to take care of him really touched me. Big hug to you xxx

  12. this is one of those big moments. the love you all have for one another gave you a combined strength that is so very specia. kind of like super hero love. love that can save. love that is super-sized. i am so glad to hear that dillon is on the mend and i send you all a big cosmic hug.


  13. chrissy~
    i am so glad to hear your son is o.k. that had to be so scary. the love shown by the other kids is heartwarming. thanks for sharing this, it came at the perfect time for me.

  14. Oh, my dear Chrissy, I only knew tidbits of this story. Thank you for sharing the intimate, very touching and uplifting details with all of us. Because we can learn and be moved and grow from it. I'm going to send you my bookmark that says "To grow or not to grow". You have obviously already answered this question, despite what you have had to deal with, in a very courageous and beautiful way. Huge hugs to you, my sweet friend!!!

  15. oh chrissy! i am so glad to read that your son is recovering and your family is holding each other close. love is all we have, love is all we need. thank you for the reminder to love well those in my life who mean the world to me. i send you and your beautiful family my love, tonsof healing energy and support.
    love, love, love!

  16. What a story! I'm so so so happy to hear your sweet boy is okay. What a gift.

    Enjoy these days of family togetherness, mama (I didn't know you had 5 kids. Wow!) and I promise to enjoy mine even more in honor of this story.

  17. Thank you - I will put your words to practice. So glad to hear that things are looking up..and thanks for sharing. I have you in my thoughts!

  18. what a blessing to hear he is doing much better. i'll keep my fingers crossed that the mri comes back good.
    big hugs to you woman...you are a strong one!
    big hugs and lots of love...

  19. i just wish i were there.
    to help you.
    to love you.
    to hug you.
    you are a strong, fabulous, woman of FAITH.
    so so glad dillon is walking.
    your family is precious.
    Brock keeps praying that
    Dillon's head gets better.
    we love you.
    things happen for a reason.
    your family is such a great example of LOVE.
    miss you so much.
    keep your chin up.
    always thinking of you!

  20. Chrissy,
    I could feel your pain; I had an incident with my son, when he was 17. I am so happy, Dillon is recovering and doing well! Love lifts us up, when
    we go through, moments like this~ You and your family are in my thoughts n' prayers! xXx

  21. Oh Missy Chrissy, I'm so glad that your son is doing so well now! I've suffered a head injury/concussion in the past and they are no joke, I can tell you...I am like a hawk when I see ANYONE receive a blow to the head because of my experience.
    Thank you for reminding us how fragile life really can be and that we need to make the most of each moment we have with our loved ones. Much healing to you and your family =-)

  22. Chrissy,
    My prayers and blessings to you and your family. I have been blessed to not have to deal with any serious injuries with my son but I know that our love for our children is fierce! It is beyond anything I have ever experienced.

    We missed you at AAJ! Maybe next year!


  23. there is power in prayer.
    yes. there. is.

    i love you and am so happy that Dillon is on the mend.

    i hope (like we just talked about) that we can remember to try to not take things for granted and remember how quickly life can change.

    i love you my bestie

  24. Sending you continued LOVE and prayers. I know this shock you speak of... I am holding you close and wishing continued healing for Dillon and his Mama'a heart. Love you dear Chrissy. xox

  25. very scary. i can feel your love in every word, every picture. your boy looks both handsome and kind.

    I hope all is better and best every day


  26. Thinking of you and your family and how lucky and blessed you all are.
    So very happy that Dillon is doing well. I can only imagine how scared you must have been!

    P.S. I have a "Dylan" too. :)

  27. Oh Chrissy, I did not realize so much had been going on. I am so relieved Dillon is on the road to recovery. I'm sending you positive thoughts and virtual hugs right now. I just want to squeeze you tight and hear your sweet voice repeat its all okay. What a traumatic time for you and the family. Sending much love xx

  28. Sending you all love and wishes for a speedy recovery. You really have the most incredible family - and that love will be Dillon's special medicine. We missed you at AAJ, but we talked about you a lot and sent you collective hugs sweet Chrissy

  29. wrapping my arms around you and your family right now. squeezing tightly around my own. thank you for sharing this story and reminding us of how quickly life can shift and to be grateful for EVERY moment.
    my heart just sank as I saw that picture of Dillion in the hospital. Wow, you are such a strong mama and I'm sure your faith and the prayers of all, helped him get up off that bed and not be defeated. So, so glad he is on the mend.
    I love you, my friend
    you continue to amaze and inspire me with your strength and capacity to spread your love in a million different directions so every single one of us can feel it.

  30. I think God knew you would need all those "hearts" and love for Valentines. What a scary ride you all have taken- and yet, once again you have taken the fear of the unknown and showed us that there are a thousand blessings surrounding it if you can keep looking up. I hope he is still progressing well and that you are all remain closer because of it.

  31. Chrissy... prayer is SO powerful. It is. I am so happy that Dillon is ok and I will continue to pray for him (and your family). God is so faithful...HIS miracles present themselves every day. From one Mama to another, I give a huge hug - how scary that must have been. After reading this I will hug those I love tighter & cherish the gift HE has given of today. Thank you for being your strong, beautiful self.

  32. Oh, sweetie! I must have missed this. I can only imagine how frightening this must have been. I am wrapping all of you in love and prayers.


  33. sending {{hugs}} to you & your family! I pray Dillon continues to improve every day! Gather your "chicks" and have some family-time... thanks for the reminder to cherish family & friends - take nothing for granted!!!

  34. Chrissy, I have chills and goosebumps. What a powerful experience. So Thankful to hear all is well. Am off to follow your words, thank you for the reminder. WIll start by sending some your way...many blessings to you and your chicks.

  35. Crying my eyes out Chrissy. What a wonderful family you have and it's no wonder why with a sweet woman like you to "lead me guide me walk beside me" I just love you.

  36. you are a blessing to us all. prayers heal bodies and souls. so happy dillon is on the mend.

  37. what an emotional event! i am so happy dillon is healing so quickly! thank you for the lesson to us all! sending you all lots and lots of love!

    xoxo, juliette

  38. such a shining example of the love between family .. I know that made your heart full to witness their concern for their brother ..and you ..what a scare ..what a joy for answered prayers ..blessings to you and yours


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