February 7, 2011

"heart" and seek - day 7

be still my "HEARTS" for chrissy
 wouldn.t it be fun to fill a whole bowl full of these wonderful wooden HEARTs? one of my dearest friends that i have met in blogland is  lorraine from paper bird.i have had the blessing of meeting up with lorraine in person after our HEARTS connected online.  she is truly one of thee most authentically wonderful human beings i have ever met.  everything she does is just pure sugar.  i don.t know a sweeter more charitable friend than lorraine.  she shared the lumber love above and i have to say that one of those HEARTS was tenderly carved by hand just for her.. by the sweetHEART of her life.
 there is something about sitting with a hot cup of your favorite beverage 
and just exhaling for a few moments.  {i KNOW...i tried this recently}  it makes it all the more comfy when there is a HEART surprise kissing your lips 
with every sip!
sweet kate from studio k8 and me shared the two photos above.
i love the what she named the last one..."raining HEARTs"
isn.t that perfect.  what if it DID rain HEARTs?  the world would be such a better place.  kate is a friend i met on the oregon coast along with 23 other AMAZING women.  she recently {finally} started a blog and i am so excited to share her with you.  she is one to watch.  trust me!

and speaking of watching....keep your eyes peeled for HEART sightings.
they are everywhere and you might miss a good one if you aren.t careful.
{more about one that almost got away soon....}

cultivate a homemade HEART...out of glass or wood or even whipped cream.
surprise someone you love today!


  1. am inspired by something every time I stop by over here. thank you for that. Finally got some of my little 'lovelies' posted here http://creatinglifeinsmallsteps.blogspot.com/2011/02/little-hearts-everywhere.html . have enjoyed sharing everyone's hearts with my little ones. Off the check out kate's blog.

  2. I've been loving all of your hearts Chriisy. They make me so happy!

  3. Wow, how special, these hearts are! I am glad you and Lorraine met~ She has an amazing spirit!

    Raining hearts, wouldn't that be a lovely thought,can you imagine a heart shaped rainbow after!

    I am off to run errands, think I will get me one of those heart drinks ;-D

  4. those wooden hearts are very sweet. i came across a heart-shaped leaf in my driveway this morning. caught a quick picture of it on my blackberry and sent it out to FB. have a lovely day, dear one!

  5. oh Chrissy! you're such a sweetHEART! :) Can't wait to see what you're saving for Valentine's Day. :)


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