February 6, 2011

"heart" and seek - day 6

"everybody everybody wants to love.  everybody everybody wants to be loved"
please bare with me today as i share with you a few
HEARTF-U-L-L moments i gave to myself this week to soak in a loving gesture.
it is a super HEARTwarming experience when a dear friend of yours graces the pages of a publication.  in this case...artful blogging.  it is even better when that dear friend shares her heART spotlight with another dear friend and speaks of the love and inspiration they both have shared with one another.
are two gifted, soulful women that i have the privilege of calling my friends.
we met on the oregon coast at the unearth retreat by liz lamoreux.
since that time...it has been a joy and a treat to watch both of these creative spirits grow and be oh so brave in putting themselves out there.
in the most recent issue of artful blogging mindy tells in her own words how the poetic thoughts of jennifer.s heart have inspired her own artwork.  she pairs her imaginative style with jennifer.s writings and credits jennifer for helping her to get past that fear of writing and opening up on her blog "from the HEART"...in her words..."jennifer was my star.  she was there for me giving me the light i needed to guide me home."  i love the coming together of these two HEARTs and to sit at my favorite little bookshop and drink a skinny vanilla milk topped with HEART cream while reading every yummy detail was the best present i gave myself this week.
it was a double dose of HEART love on this special afternoon 
because i had not one, not two...but three sweet soul friends sharing their stories on the pages of artful blogging.
artist and brave girl sister of mine... kelly lish from love is my religion also 
graced on the pages with the HEART filled art journey she has embarked on.
kelly is truly one of the kindest women you will ever have the chance to meet.
her art is whimsical and full of life.
i love her dearly and seeing her art in print just sent my HEART soaring.

so my "HEART and seek" finds for today 
were actually found deep within my "real" HEART. 
 {the cream HEART on my delicious beverage was just a happy extra} 

i love you mindy, jennifer and kelly.
my HEART soars with you as you find your wings and take flight!

cultivate a HEART to encourage and lift others!


  1. oh wow!! thank you so much for the LOVE!!! i was so excited to see kelly in the same issue. and then i thought...."i will probably get to meet her in may"....thanks to you lovelies. Chrissy, I'm so glad to call you a friend. i can't wait to see you in may. I have always wanted to go to AZ. you are a rockstar, my dear, and don't you forget it. love you love you!!!


  2. We were on vacation when this issue hit the book stores. BOTH of the book stores closed in Santa Barbara.... So down we drove to another small town looking for a place to pick up this handful of love!. I was so excited about seeing this issue cause I am in serious love with these women.... As we were driving back to our little villa (vintage airstream) my husband commented that we had driven almost two hours to get my hands on this issue why wasn't I looking at it in the car. I had to tell him that I HAD to wait until I had my cosy place with my lovely cup of coffee and a space in my heart to just drink it all in.... Oh how delightful it was!

  3. ****sigh****

    oh how i LOVE these images of you sitting, taking a MUCH NEEDED break and doing something JUST FOR YOU.


    oh how i LOVE that three of our dear friends graced the pages of this beautiful magazine. it made my heart smile GIANT and i too felt so proud of each of them.

    i miss you my friend.

  4. Chrissy you are just the sweetest and I can't wait to see you in May and hug you with all my might! I'm not sure how I have gotten to be so lucky to have such incredible friends in my life, but I am cherishing each of you like you just can't believe! Thank you for your comments, that means so much to me. I love you and can't wait to be with you again!

  5. Chrissy ~ how I wish you could see me right now. I am glowing and radiating this love for you. Thank you so much for kind words. I feel so very blessed to have these amazing, inspiring women in my life. You my dear are so precious to me.

    thank you for all of your love and support.


  6. Thanks for sharing this....such a lovely post!

  7. What a beautiful story of love and friendship. Thank you for sharing these lovely ladies and your connection to them. Beautiful!

  8. What a wonderful heartfelt post!~ I can't wait to see this issue and soak up the joy, within!
    Your vanilla love, also stirred my soul, xXx


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