February 10, 2011

"heart" and seek - day 10

when you were little did your mom or maybe your grandma or aunt ethel ever tell you..."don.t play with your food".  i loved when the book "PLAY with your food" by joost elffers came out.  i thought...redemption...finally!
the other morning i was taking an unusually long breakfast break and reading up on the news around the world...and i decided to "play with my food".  
no surprise what these yummy plump blueberries 
magically became over the weather section.
 two weeks ago we tried a new italian cafe in town and i had the yummiest salad. i was almost down to my last few bites when BAM!  right in front of me the cutest chicken HEART love almost jumped right on my fork.  one of the reasons it.s always so wonderful to have your camera in your purse!
i love fruit.  berries especially.  i go crazy in the summer when they are in abundance. i love to eat fruit over plain greek yogurt 
and top it with a sprinkling of healthy granola.
well apparently this time it loved me right back!   squeeeeel!
this happened just this week at breakfast time.  
i had barely slid my eggs off my awesome new non-slip pan and onto my waiting plate and was attempting to cover it in avocados....when my 11 yr. old micah threw her arms across me to halt my progress and exclaimed..."MOM!!!!  a scrambled HEART!!!"   i love it when these little ones find them before i do.  it seriously tickles me!   an egg HEART!!!   get out!!!!
 speaking of micah...this is her cantaloupe HEART!  totally not random.
 but seriously clever none the less!
{play with your food..like mother like daughter}
shared this HEART warming surprise right out of the oven.
she has theeee cutest red headed twins you.ll ever see.
 the other day dad was at work so it was a total "girls day"...
"We made cookies and out popped this perfect little heart. Olivia held the spatula while I took a picture, and then realizing it was a bit blurry went to take another one at the precise moment it slid off the spatula and broke into three pieces. Livvie just looked at me and said, “Uh, oh.” And I said, “Look! It broke into three parts, and there are three of us, so that just means we have to eat it!” And we did. And it, and the many more we ate throughout the day, was yummy. "

HEARTS do bring people close together.
the sheer excitement when there is a surprise HEART sighting has every one in my home running to see the newest discovery.  

don.t overlook your dinner tonight...there may be one lying in wait just for YOU!



  1. love this...nothing like eating your HEARTS!!! I was having some fun finding hearts in my garden corner today. I guess I'll have to check out my dinner plate tonight too.

  2. you are the cutest!!!!

    i love all your heart finds and your little ones finds too!!!

    my girls are always on the hunt for heart rocks!

    now...with all these food hearts...i need to go find something to eat, my mouth is watering!!!


  3. yes....the hidden hearts in my yard were another nice surprise to me!!! that is so, so fun that your grandma had the same chairs. maybe some day we will have a cup of tea together and share stories of our grandmas.

  4. I love that your kids are in on it too! My kiddos have spotted some as well. Thank you for such a fun time! I've been out of the game for a few days, but boy were they jumping out at me today! Those little hearts sure are persistent. :)
    Hopefully I'll have the time to share some tomorrow. XO

  5. Wow....it's cool to see so many hearts all around!!! The granola heart is just too cute!!!

  6. i am officially in love with this post....

  7. I am LOVING all these heart images Chrissy! I think the cow is my favorite but I am a farm kind of girl! I especially love how each sweet heart that has been sent your way is a tribute to what a wonderful friend you are and how much EVERYONE adores you- including me!

  8. Thank you for these :)
    I am sooo loving all of these hearts - you have totally inspired me! I mentioned you and your wonderful heart and hearts yesterday. (Stop by and see what you've inspired if you get the chance!)



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