February 13, 2011

"heart" and seek - day 13

starting todays post out with some lightHEARTED surprises.
my sweet friend katherine quinn from sleep and her sisters sent me this fragile find she found in a particularly lucky bag of chips.  please please visit katherine.  her art and the girls she paints are so HEARTwarming.  
you will want one for your wall...i promise.
my children were stoked to find this fried piece of HEART love 
in their recent lunch bag adventures.
i hate to even admit this but i simply can.t remember who sent me this most wonderful HEARTsomely ruffled potato.  please please tell me if this is yours and totally accept my sincere apology.  it is truly a most awesome discovery.
my children discovered that pepperoni pizza is NOT exempt 
from a little love every now and then.
they also learned that sometimes there can be HEART attacks
 even when they are doing the chores that they hate.

 yesterday we went out to breakfast at a little bread company in paradise valley that we HEART.  i thought it was particularly appropriate that after i had taken a bite of my watermelon and was putting it back down...this was the view i saw!!!   awhhhh!
and on one of my last bites of my scrambled eggs, avocado and tomato...
this discovery was simply some bigHEARTed love to my mouth!!!
such fun!
jen at sadie inspired  is another oh so talented artist.
she is so sweet too.  i really love visiting her blog.  i love how openHEARTed this find became once jen started to really open her eyes to love.  it is a wonderful little HEART that has been hiding on her favorite "benefit" makeup that she uses all the time...what a perfect month for it.s coming out party!  thanks jen!
a fun little find on my "gates of newport beach" adventure last summer
getting clever with some fallen petals
one of my very first blog friends...jenny wentworth 
found these yummy HEART pillows
and this wonderful creative HEART recently...i really love jenny.  she is one of those spirits that i just won.t be fully happy until i meet her in person.  {hear that jenny?} i just love her that much!
cold HEARTed....maybe, but not if you are really hot and live in phoenix.
 my dear dear friend patrice from tending to my nest must be on the same icy HEART wave length as me too....
but honestly...patrice is sooooo NOT cold at all.  she is the warmest, most wise and tenderHEARTED woman!  she is one of my brave girls and i love her dearly.  she is a wizard with a needle and thread and this is just one very very minor example of the magic she creates with her hands...i might even feel a tad bit bad sticking my needles in this awesome HEART pin cushion she made.
shopping at target is always a HEART {and cart} FULL experience for me.
this sweet little love popped out at me just as i was going to drive all my newly bought goods right over it.   awhhhhh!

i hope you take the time to see what you are rolling over or pulling out of a {chip?} bag or walking by or putting on your face or about to put in your mouth...what.s at the bottom of your cup?
you never know...it might be a surprise HEART attack
 and you wouldn.t want to miss it now would you!

cultivate a new perspective with which to see the LOVE around you!


  1. chrissy, i am enthralled!amazed!astonished!

    and grateful!

    i don't know how you ever ever found a way to be this &heart prolific. unbelievable.

    i mean it.

    i love it.

    i could stay right here for days.

    thank you :^)

  2. I hear ya sister:) I love you so Chrissy♥♥♥
    Can't wait to give you a great big hug my friend!
    Maybe a visit to Utah or Portland...or maybe both!
    Happy Heart Day tomorrow!
    All my Love,

  3. happy valentines day chrissy!
    oh my heavens, i've been off the blog grid for a few days, with MUCH going on...part of which has been a resolve to make our boys a sweet valentines cake w/yummy homemade dressing & pink
    & make valentines...& go to f i v e of their bball games...& walk w/ben...
    & oi vey, now i've missed like 3?!! of your posts! (i think that's a first for me w/you!)..
    i've just scrolled down & ridden into your heart of delicious hearts, like that
    WATERMELON! (my insides are soooo fed!).
    & oh, that tree stump! & kolleen's handwriting!
    &&&&&...i love the riches you collect & ARE.
    i love you so much, chrissy.
    hand over heart, deer.
    xoxox (each letter a secret heart) :)

  4. Hahahaha! I LOVE this. Heart attacks - it makes me wanna burst!
    Love love love to you!

  5. happy valentine's day chrissy!
    i am going to spend the day looking for hearts and see what i can find.
    sending you a big hug from the midwest.

  6. Happy valentines Day !!!
    I love and admire you

  7. Your sweet post reminds us that love IS everywhere. And when you find it in a potato chip, well, you better keep your heart open to finding more HEART!!

    Happy Sweet Day to you, love :)


  8. Lovely, I want a heart pillow!

  9. How special is it to me that you shared my little cutie heart on the 13th day - It is my anniversary!! Married 7 years Feb. 13th. How funny is that. :)Thank you, thank you - you made my day. Super huge happy hugs!

  10. So much love and good vibes are rippling out from your prompts and awesome photos! Happy day!!


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