February 8, 2011

"heart" and seek - day 8

 i LOVE you guys.  i hope you know that.
 one of our favorite things to do at the beach is draw stuff in the sand.  
usually with our toes or a washed up stick.   there is always always a HEART!
we leave random little ones around the place to give the beach-goers some love.
 another beach tradition is to gather all the HEART rocks we can.
i could do an entire post just on HEART rocks alone.  
i HEART...HEART rocks.
 and seashells are always good for  beachy surprise HEART discoveries.
there is so much love washing ashore on beaches every day.
 i wish i lived by a beach.  how wonderful would it be to get up every morning and go for an early stroll just knowing that you were going to stumble upon some kind of HEART love to start your day!
i met sweet stella singleton last year at an artful journey.  she is so much fun and has a really great blog that you should visit.  she found this little beauty hiding at a swap meet in quartzite, arizona.  i bet no one else can say that.

i read a comment recently on someone.s blog...{can.t remember whose}
and this particular woman said she had NEVER even seen a HEART rock.
i about choked on my tilapia that i was eating.
HOW SAD!!!  please tell me that you all have found at least one HEART rock in your life.  please!  please!  if not...i want you to put down whatever you are doing and promise me you won.t lay your head on the pillow tonight until you have gone outside and found a HEART rock.  they are everywhere just waiting for you to hold them in your hand.  and if your land is covered by snow and you just can.t make it happen.  please let me know and i will find one for you myself and i will send it to you.
i will.   i'm serious.

cultivate a expedition to find your own HEART rock to have and hold.


  1. Drawing in the sand, hunting for hearts...I love these beach activities too.

  2. I love finding hearts in everything... It reminds me to love, love, love! Sending you much love! Silke

  3. I had to smile when I read this post chrissy! I have a photo of a heart I drew in the sand last year at the beach!! I love to do that! I too wish I lived close to the beach. I would be there everyday! Heart rocks are cool! :)

  4. I absolutely love your post! It really makes me smile at the simple things that I somehow take for granted.

  5. LOVE.LOVE.LOVE your beach HEARTS... which inspired me to share my beach HEART! but, before I read your post, I had spotted another heart - hope you'll stop by my blog to take a peek??

    btw - your HEART post puts a SMILE on my face!

  6. oh chrissy,
    that heart seashells photo
    is soooo pretty!
    i love all you outline
    with your hand,
    in sand,
    & otherwise.
    all pitter patter.
    looooooove you.

  7. I'm addicted to anything with hearts, especially heart rocks on your sweet blog :)

    I hope the woman you mentioned is showered with heart rocks in all shapes and sizes!

    Sending you lots of heART today, dahling!!!

  8. Check out my post today!

  9. Hearts rock sister! Love the shell hearts and yes I found a heart rock once - a lovely yummy big juicy one. ahhhhh Love to you special girl. xx

  10. chrissy,

    i have never seen or held a {heart} rock!!
    it's to cold and dark right now to look before i go to sleep.

    i only have a couple more {hearts} to post.
    i will keep trying!!




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