February 3, 2011

"heart" and seek - day 3

ser·en·dip·i·ty - noun
1. an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident.

happy 3rd day of "HEART and seek".
have you ever used the word" serendipity" in a sentence?  well, i haven.t.
until today....TA DA!  i always thought that it was a flavor of ice cream.
guess what?  it.s not.  {okay maybe it is, but it.s so much more}
last night as i was typing away at my computer and thinking about which HEARTS i wanted to share with you today...
i happened to also be peeling an orange and what to my eyes.....
a super wonderful VERY desirable discovery by accident
so lucky was i, that my camera was sitting right next to me.
don.t you just LOVE it when HEARTfull accidents happen like that?
i am still giddy over it.  
had a yummy discovery when she was so sweetly baking oatmeal raisin cookies for her sweetHEART...of course one of them was going to jump right out of the oven and show her some sugar.  you can read about her discovery HERE
seriously had the most wonderful 50th birthday lunch.   gorgeous surroundings.  good friends.  good food and a surprise birthday HEART around 
her frittata to boot.  you can read about her celebration HERE  
{i honestly get hungry everytime i look at this photo}
and since i am rollin on the subject of food HEART attacks it might be a perfect time to share this frozen yogurt love with you!  we have a yogurt shop here that is to die for.  yes.  i would eat there everyday if you let me.  my HEART skipped a beat when my daughter sank her spoon into the creamy wonderfulness and out popped a perfectly delightful symbol of LOVE!  
{photo taken with a excited hand and a bad phone camera}

so...watch your food very very carefully the next few weeks. 
this is prime season for HEART serendipity!

cultivate an accidental desirable HEART discovery for someone you love today!


  1. of course...
    a heart
    in yogurt.
    i know
    all about
    love you so.

  2. Oh Chrissy so loving this heart sharing. I have not come across any yet. :-( But seeing these posted = making my days so much more heartfelt. *Love* xx

  3. I have been looking and looking and looking for hearts. It seems that the more I look, the more they hide. :(

    ....off to get some yoghurt...

  4. That yogurt heart is crazy! I would have called the news or something. I'm having so much fun with this game, and serendipity is one of my favorite words. XO

  5. Hi Chrissy,

    Serendipity is my most favorite word!!! I love your heart posts & wanted to share a heart I found last year (I posted a photo of it on my blog in September):

    Looking forward to more hearts...

  6. What fun! That yogurt takes the cake! Literally! :-) and serendipity is my all-time favorite word. I've always said that if I ever owned a sailboat, it would be named Serendipity.

  7. Very fun! I look forward to these surprising hearts!!

  8. Oh how I HEART you and your family. Miss seeing your face on Sunday's. xoxo. Way cute blog posts. My mom has a thing with hearts too. she has so many natural heart shaped rocks.....it's the little things in life. xoxo

  9. so love SERENDIPITY moments! Have a book I read to my kids at school sometimes called Serendipity by Tobi Tobias.

  10. i found a beauty heart leaf that i had tucked in a book over a year ago! it was a serendipity chrissy moment... it made me smile :-)

  11. I love the yogheart! This was a sweet post! I found a heart today, a dried flower, that resembles, it was sweet to see. I will try to post it tomorrow~ Love this post~xXx

  12. I love seeing these hearts! Looking for them makes February even more fabulous. People are going to wonder why I am staring at their food! :) Hmmm...Super Bowl Sunday = lots of food. Maybe that will be my day.

    PS I have not upgraded on Picnik yet. Just the basics for me right now. I'll have to see. But it is so fun (and easy) to play with my pictures. :)


  13. So glad to share my heart with you Chrissy. Yes, very yummy frittata indeed..feta, pumpkin & pesto. Thanks so much for the link : )
    As to serendipity..I was very grateful yesterday morning..when feeling like I'd fallen into deep water & the sides were all slippery so I couldn't climb out..I happened to scroll down your page & phew, there were the Father's arms..thank you ♥ Today is feeling much better. Love Catherine x

  14. These are so much fun! Love it! Thank you for including my cookie! :)


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