February 14, 2011

"heart" and seek - day 14

its the 14th friends.
             happy heart day to all of you!
i hope someone you love gives you some random LOVE today!
i hope you are able to find LOVE in unexpected places!
i hope you will be able to sit and find some rest in all the LOVE along your way!
i hope every step you take today {and every day} is filled with LOVE!
i hope you.ll remember to look up for LOVE!
{photo of a sycamore leaf found on a LOVE anniversary 
i hope you won.t forget that sometimes the LOVE comes 
"after" the really long drink!
i hope that LOVE will always be right beneath your feet!
{wonderful photo of the GREEN HEARTattack of LOVE....
by the amazing tara at aquamarine art.  please DO pay her a visit and wish her a most happy valentines day....this was one of my favorite HEART photos}
i hope that the LOVE in your life will always be sweet!
i hope that LOVE will blow right into your life...often.
so be on the lookout to enjoy the surprise...
before the wind picks it up and carries it away again to bless someone else!
i hope the LOVE that surrounds you, will always keep you "happy"!
{my 15 yr. old daughter tess sent me this one day from her room.
she said..."mom, this is the HEART that makes me the "happiest" today.
i love you!}  and i HEART you soooooo much, miss tessa!
i hope you will always keep your peepers open.
sometimes LOVE will surprise us so much we won.t believe our eyes.
that.s why it is so important that we always keep our gaze open to it...
it can move in and out of our lives as quickly as the clouds above!
{this seriously once in a lifetime photo was share with me by my unearth sister, lisa towery.  it earned it.s way to the famed "shutter sisters" blog as it should.
thank you ever so much lisa for keeping your eyes open and for sharing this LOVE gift with me!  i love you!}
i hope that as "we"continue down our own paths that "we" will recognize...especially...when GOD shows us HIS HEART.  HIS is the biggest of all, in my opinion.  His HEART is all around us.  always.  HE is so creative!  sometimes HE might be right there as we walk out our front door as my sweetest creative friend from "an artful journey"
"One day the sky opened up and showed me God's heart."
{peggy is a beautiful artist and an even more beautiful person.  she has a HEART full of gold.  the love she has for her children and her sweetHEART and God is so inspiring.  visit her and fill your HEART.}
i just want to tell you all how much fun this adventure of "HEART and seek" has been for me this year.  i LOVE that we have an army of friends out in the world keeping our eyes focused on LOVE and the good things in life that surround us.  you guys are thee best teammates i could ask for.
{start collecting for next year!!!}

cultivate your own HEART so that others will "see" it!!!



  1. Happy Valentine's Day to you n' yours~
    Gorgeous photos, such sweetness!
    I mentioned you on my blog today~ xXx

  2. Wow...this is an impressive post...I can't believe those pictures! Lovely, lovely! Hope you have a wonderful day! :) xx

  3. Loved it Chrissy. Saturday night Travis took me out for a "Valentine dinner" and my grilled chicken was shaped in the form of a heart--no lie. I thought of you and your cute blog but didn't have a camera. Thanks for the reminder to always look for the "love" out there. It really is all around us.
    Happy Valentines Day.

  4. thank you for this wonderful ride of LOVE over the past 14 days...openned my heart up in many ways.


    (yes, i am singing this to you!!)

    this post made me smile from beginning to end and it truly warmed MY HEART!!!

    i work on cultivating my heart daily and as long as i have God sitting right in the center....i know i am on track.


  6. i loved all 14 of your HEART post messages. thanks for sharing them with us.

    happy valentine's day Chrissy :)

  7. You are absolutely the best, Chrissy! Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours! I had so much fun finding hearts with you. XO

  8. Happy Valentines day BEAUTIFUL Chrissy.
    I hope your day was filled with the sweetest of life's blessings.

    I think you are the sweetest of all hearts.

  9. ohhhhh!
    that heart opening
    in the sky!
    i leap through
    with arms
    & s i n g
    to youuuuuu
    happy valentines day!

  10. Oh Chrissy, I had a few heart photos that I found this past week and just didn't get them uploaded before Heart and Seek was over. Next year!

    I love the sky hearts so much! God speaking loudly with his heart right before our eyes! Magnificent!

    ♥Lee Ann

  11. Wonderful!

    My most special heart this year - is a green construction paper one made by my 17 1/2 yr old when he was presumably working on crafts with some homeless people in a shelter. Given our struggles and that he doesn't want to talk to mom or dad - this Green Heart was super special for Valentine's Day! Thanks for alerting me to keep my eyes open for hearts of all sorts!!

  12. Oh Chrissy - this has been an absolutely amazing heart journey... you have opened many eyes to the love that surrounds us - thank you.


  13. you are AMAZING. i come to your blog, look at these hearts, and i leave full and fiesty

    thank you friend

  14. Great images!!! It is always fun to see how creative people are.

  15. this has been just an absolute privilege to visit here. like a gift I'll tuck under my arm, near my heart, and carry with me all day

  16. This post makes me think...with an open heart,love is everywhere. Thank you for sharing this uplifting message.

  17. Love really is everywhere, isn't it. This is such a good reminder of that.

    The rock reminds me of a chocolate brownie.

    You are spreading the LOVE, my dear. xoxo

  18. Such a lovely post - your text here is really a poem, a celebration of love, so nicely put together! Hope you're having a great weekend, keep sparlin' babe!


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