February 12, 2011

"heart" and seek - day 12

have i told you all how much i HEART you?
well i.m...
this is one of my most favorite little gifts.  i keep it where i can look at the love it represents...any time i need it.  which is usually "all" the time.  who doesn.t need  a "great big hug" every day right?  it was given to me my one of my best friends ever...kolleen harrison from HEART wing sisters.  {the first official "unearth" sister i was blessed to meet." absolutely adore her.
on to the HEART adventure.  we are getting down to the wire here friends... i am going to bust out some serious HEART eye candy today...hang on!
my sweet scarf sister valerie tookes was on the platform waiting for the train to take her to work and when she looked down this sneaky, albeit wonderful HEART was right under her toes.  {valerie is also guest posting on our dear friend vivienne mcmasters blog this week...check it out}
another "unearth scarf sister" of mine is dear patty waite from nomadic notebook .  patty must have been born with a camera in her hands.  this amazing woman has traveled all over the place and seriously has the most wonderful eye.  her photos always bring me joy.  the photo above is actually called "HEART ROCK" and has an entire hike in it.s honor in crestline, CA.  this is the closest you can get to it.  at some point, someone threw that stick at it and it landed in the perfect cupid arrow.s spot.
 valley of fire state park, nevada
 patty playing around with her zoom lens and got a wonderfully HEART warming surprise.
a collaboration of patty and our sweetest friend marilyn on the oregon coast...
{LOVE you marilyn!}
here patty was just taking a photo of a juicy watermelon...
it wasn.t until after, that she discovered the HEART.
you will want to pop over to patty.s blog.  she is wonderful!
it must be that i am getting a lot of love from my "unearth sisters" this week.
this wonderful crayon love is from jennifer at giggling in the rain.  i have mentioned her here before.  she is really one of the kindest spirits i have ever come across.  our friend mindy of tims sally just wrote of the influence jennifer has had on her art.  it is in the present issue of ARTFUL BLOGGING.
 jennifer shared this photo with me today.  her words are so much more poetic than mine so i.ll just let her explain this photo...

"You my dear, have opened me up to this whole new world of HEARTS. And when it was spring time and the world was not blanketed in this white coating I was able to see brilliant colors and beautiful flowers.  One of my favorite things to do is to grab my camera and photograph what I see.  I remember this day so clearly.  It was a tough one for me.  Something HEARTbreaking had happened and I was torn to pieces.  But on my walk I found these and in the past I may have walked right by.  But they looked like HEARTS to me.  I thought of you immediately and my HEART began to heal.  

Thank you my dear for opening me up to so much love that surrounds me."
i HEART you SOOO much miss jennifer.  PERIOD!!!!
i have shared the amazing art of my unearth sis...kelly barton with you before.
you will never be sorry for visiting her blog.  ever.
my own HEART was especially touched when she sent me this photo of a HEART she had made just for me.  seriously...my " HEART IS full"  kelly....and you filled it up!
thank you so much my dear.
is one of the kindest, most gentle, wickedly creative, super mamas of the world.  and she also happens to be another one of my dearly beloved unearth scarf sisters.  miss G shared this photo with me and i.ll tell you one reason why i love it so much...sweet gloria pointed out that "I love that {this HEART} is broken but since it is the trunk of the tree it will hold itself together and stay strong."  isn.t that a beautiful vision?  how true is that of us in life.  our HEARTS are going to break occasionally, but if we make sure our roots are nourished and strong...we WILL survive!
one of the best things in the world is when you meet a dear soul who becomes a creative sister, a scarf sister, an unearth sister and then this amazingly, sweet, talented woman meets you in idaho and becomes your "brave girl" sister too.  i am speaking of serena berry of the bumpy life.  she shares her latest HEART find with us..right above...but honestly...her real HEART is like a bagillion sizes bigger.  love you serena girl.

thank you again for all the HEART shares that keep coming my way.
this is honestly such an honor to feel as much love as i have the past two weeks.

smoooooches to yooooouches!
{especially my unearth sisters today!}

cultivate some time to send some unexpected LOVE to someone in your life today!


  1. I love "heart and seek"! This is the cutest thing ever. It's just a reminder of the love around us, isn't it?
    You bring so much joy and love to those around you, sweet friend.

  2. Again... these are just wonderful. I am so *lovin'* seeing all these hearts! Love the rock ones!

  3. Thanks again for sharing all these awesome pics with us these past couple of weeks. It has inspired me to look at my surroundings more and be more aware of it. Love all the love around us in the world and all the serendipity moments!

  4. Chrissy, what a honor to be part of your HEART extravaganza!! You, my friend, are truly the QUEEN of HEARTS!! Love you and all your HEARTS too!!

  5. Wonderful photos, but the sentiment is better~
    Heartfelt messages, drawing and pics passed on in the spirit of friendship n' love! xXx Fun to read~

  6. these are all so fun Chrissy! and thanks for much for sharing our cookie earlier this week. those cookies only lasted two days.... :-)

  7. LOTS of schmooches to you my lovely - so much inspiration in these heart posts. Love you and will be MISSING YOU SO MUCH whilst at AAJ. :-( I know you will be with us in spirit. Much love xx

  8. i love all these beautiful hearts.....each and every one of them and all
    our sisters that found them!!

    i especially love you!!!

  9. I love heart and seek. Especially Gloria's note about the broken tree heart - that one will stick with me.


  10. and my heart is completely full! wow you are reflecting this love and it is so refreshing and warm. i miss you dear girl and can't WAIT to see you in may.


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