February 2, 2011

"heart" and seek - day 2

you people are hilarious.  last year on my first day of our 14 day observation i got 14 comments and guess what you did again?  yep!  14 comments on our first day of heart seeking fun.  you guys never cease to amaze me!
ok. on to the fun.
i.m kickin off todays game of "HEART and seek" with my very own 10 toes.
i know.  you can.t see them because they are covered up
by the sassiest pair of dirt kickers i have ever owned.
honestly!  with so much peace lovin. HEART dancin. wing singin. leather love...
how can my feet just not be happy!  my dad gave me these for christmas.
{truth be told... i gave him 1 or 200 hints}
but how was a HEART lover like me not made for these boots?
i was!!  i say!!  thanks dad!
while we are on the subject of dirt..{well dirt kickers}
check out what sweet loving tater came out of the earth to surprise dear lisa.
i couldn.t even cut into it if it were mine.
this sandy beach was the final resting home for this drift wood love.
 my unearth gals lisa and danielle were the HEART seeking explorers
who discovered it.

i hope your HEART adventures keep you warm today.
it.s FREEEEEZING here in phoenix.  i know.  i know.  some of you just rolled your eyes at me and said..."Sweetheart you don.t even KNOW cold".
but our blood is thinner here than yours.
 at least that.s my excuse and i.m stickin with it.

to bring some HEART love into my home today i.m gonna make these
you can too if you visit dottie angel.
one of my new favorite artists thanks to lorraine and patrice.

peace "HEART" out.

cul*ti*vate a creative heart to hang in YOUR home


  1. oh my goodness, those boots are TO-DIE-FOR!!!! truly fabulous. i'd wear them everyday. :-)

  2. Love your boots, you sassy girl, you.
    Here's a heart I found while at a swap meet in Quartzite, AZ over the weekend. Oh the treasures they had there! This is the only thing I took home, though.

  3. Falling down hard for those dirtkickinpeacelovin boots!! There sassy just like you, dahling!!

    I gave my man 1-200 Christmas hints for a pair I wanted, and he "surprised" me with a pair of boots like yours but with winged hearts. I wear them all the time!

    Happy Heartin'...

  4. Yeah..So loving this month because of you..I left you a heart on my blog..Love you G

  5. That is some serious sass for sure! I love them! :)Off to go hunt for some hearts...happy, happy Wednesday. XO

  6. I am soooo lovin those boots, and hearts and just the happy you have here! Thank you for that today! Happy hearts to you today!

  7. I saw those heart boots "live" yesterday and they are so cute...just like their owner :)

  8. love this! and LOVE those boots!


  9. Oooh, I <3 those boots too! And the potato...amazing!

  10. love this! you are a girl after my own HEART!!

  11. Love the hearts, love your words, love you!
    Happy Day to you sweet sister!

    ps: thanks for entering my giveaway:)

  12. Love your boots, I was surprised to see I was number 14; Kewl~

    How fab, I want to make that garland, too...
    Thanks for brightening my day~xXx

  13. Hi, darling lover of all things heARTfull. Thanks for spreading the love! I saw that garland too and it is on my LONG list of "I wanna make that"

    Love,love, love you.

  14. Sweet Shining Light, Those boots were made for walkin' and seekin' in your heart-filled life! ! ! How perfect. I can't wait to kick up some dirt in Arizona with you. (Am I dreaming?!?!? omg!)

    I'm going to be on the heart-hunt now!! I can't wait to see your heart garland!!

    Love You So,

  15. I've been inspired by your "cultivate" heart idea to give my husband one little handmade valentine for each day until the 14th. I'm calling it my 14 days of love, kind of silly and the first few he just looked at me and asked didn't I homework to work on? Now, he's getting into it and looks forward to the next love note.

  16. I am so happy you found your way to dottie angel. i want to make that sweet garland and surprise lulu with it!
    i am loving each sweet heart image. i can just imagine you searching the universe for hearts to share- you are the sweetest of all hearts dear chrissy.

    love love the boots- will try not to covet!


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