February 4, 2011

"heart" and seek - day 4

i.m still crying about the cold weather here in arizona.
when waterfalls freeze in phoenix...you KNOW you got some freezing temps floatin around.  and since many of your homes are under a blanket of snow today...i thought it would be nice to have something a bit HEART warming on this section of "HEART and seek" reminding us that snow melts and warmer weather is always around the corner.
antoinette visagie from cape town, south africa
was kindHEARTedly surprised in a tiny rural village on a trip to
thailand last year. what perfect proof that HEART love sets NO boundaries.
christine from silver linings 4 me
shared this petal love that she and her hubby found at a fun get.away together.
christine also shared a DELAYED.HEART.SURPRISE.  she took this photo way last november and just now, the sweet HEART decided to show itself to her.  {it.s because it.s february and they are sneaky like that christine!}
this tenderHEART just happened to capture my eye the other morning as the sun was coming through the back windows of our home.  i am quite certain it wouldn.t have called to me if it were any other time of year.

don.t you just LOVE the openHEARTedness among this month of AMORE!!!

cultivate some HEARTwarming action around your sweet selves today


  1. Oooh! I love this. I can't wait for spring!

  2. Beautiful, I can't wait for warm weather and beautiful blooms. Thanks for doing this Chrissy, I heart you!

    Ps: I just sold my latest painting on Etsy!!!

  3. Chrissy, I can't thank you enough for your taking the time to visit my blog. Your lovely words made the biggest smile on my face this morning. It happened to be one of those mornings when demons snuck inside my head and were trying to convince me that, really, I am not all that talented and other artists have WAY more talent than I. Well, I still believe in the enormity of talent I see in other artists, but thanks to your kindness, the demons have quieted and I feel a bit better about the artist who is ME. Thank you Chrissy...lovely to "meet" you. And BTW, your HEART pix are wonderful and well, those boots, beyond bliss! Hurray for dads!!

  4. Hello there fabulous YOU! I have such a thing for hearts and I love all the pictures you posted. Here in Philadelphia, it is freezing rain this morning. The snow is dirty and not melting. Spring will be so very welcome :)


  5. Love these hearts Chrissy, fabulous pictures! Can't wait for spring to come and it's so nice to see all the shared LOVE here in blogland to make Feb. warm, special and happy! Have a fab, love-filled weekend!


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