February 1, 2011

"heart" and seek - day 1

it.s here.  the month of LOVE
 actually every month should be a LOVEly month.
but this month LOVE seems to be floating in the air.  
there is lots of red and pink
and roses and chocolate (the more the better) everywhere you set your gaze.
and there are HEARTS. HEARTS. HEARTS!
so let.s bake up a batch of love and have ourselves a huge slice of 
"HEART" and seek.  ready!  set!  go!
 just try to guess what left this HEART print?
give up?  a tiny furry rabbit friend.  isn.t that the best gift!
it is no surprise to me at all, that this bit of love snuck up 
on my sweetest friend rachel awes in her favorite broken coffee cup.
seriously... love just follows her wherever she goes.
{and rabbits too!}
and this might be a stretch, but play along with me here.
none of us has a perfect HEART right?
we all have had our chips and dents. 
 we.ve veered off course a bit now and then.  grown a tad crooked.
i think that.s one of the reasons i like this cactus HEART my little guy found 
in sedona, arizona.  it reminds me that no two HEARTS are the same.
we are all loving along different trails in life.
...and that my friends is a beautiful, HEARTful thing.

cul*ti*vate "your" unique heart


  1. How lovely is this post; I will keep my eyes open and my mind on the look out, for some heartfilled inspiration~ I love the bunny tracks...too cute~

  2. Loving all your hearts....there's no place like Sedona is there? I think I'll put some hearts up in my home and decorate for Valentine's day.

    Have a blessed day.


  3. L♥ve this p♥st. I shall rise t♥ the challenge and try to capture s♥me hearts t♥♥!

  4. this is the very best of sweet hearts..like that they are not perfect..means so much to me!!

  5. I posted one today. I love this idea! :)

  6. Can I tell you how much I love, love, love hearts??! I remember a vacation spent in Sedona. My blog has moved:



  7. love the heart cactus....beauty and pain : )

  8. i posted a "found HEART" tonight!
    the picture was taken in November & I just noticed the heart in the center!
    What a love-ly way to start February!

  9. Happy LOVE month! Whenever I see hearts - and they are everywhere - I think of you.


  10. Yes, Feb. is the month of LOVE - and it feels good to see all these hearts floating around! Love your bread-love. Home baked things are such a great way to share the love!

  11. ohhh chrissy..i adore the cactus heart!
    i thank you from the bottom of my heart
    for a raised conciousness to notice
    such a shape of love as it presents itself.
    loooooooooove to you. xoxxo

  12. I love unexpected heart appearances! I saw one on the floor last night of my husband's clothes..I kid you not..his dirty clothes made the shape of a heart. If that's not true love (to overlook the clothes on the floor!), I don't know what is.

    I love that you love hearts because you have one of the biggest hearts of anyone I've ever met.
    love you, Chrissy!!!

  13. Sweet! loving day one! I heart you!


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