January 29, 2011

do what you love

i am a huge believer in retreats.  ever since my very first one on the oregon coast with the most amazing women... i have been hooked.  there is something so astonishing about a group of like-minded souls coming together in a unified desire to create.  there is something so freeing about stepping away from the everyday and focusing on yourself.  indulging in your own creative spirit.

last february i was blessed to attend an artful journey.  
three whole days of mati rose mcdonough & kelly rae roberts.
during those days i was able to add to my creative family.  my community.  
my tribe...many wonderful women.  i want to introduce you to one today...
please meet beth nicholls.
oh my goodness i love her.  this beautiful soul has done more with her short life than most people could ever do in two lifetimes.  her story is enchanting.  
her talent..endless.  while creating next to her for several days, the concept of "doing what you love" came up often.  beth had traveled all the way from yorkshire, england to attend the retreat.  the idea of planting her own retreats closer to home was born and beth has been cultivating the idea for the past year. because beth has gleaned much joy in her life by choosing to "do what she loves"... she has a passionate desire to share that dream with others.  
to offer the tools and inspiration to follow your heart.
i am so excited to introduce you to the harvest of beths labor.
i just have to tell you that if there was one retreat i could go on in a lifetime...this would be it.
deep in the serene english countryside where families of deer and rabbit roam...
there is a cozy cabin waiting just for you and your newfound friends...
to come and exhale.  to process the inspiration received.  
and to rejuvinate your creative spirit.
{above three pictures by "natural retreats"}

beth has put together an impressive array of teachers for this retreat
flora bowley - painting
 rachel hazell - book art
 priscilla jones- mixed media
plus a host of creative enterprise sessions to help grow your creative business.

i hope you will take a moment and pop on over to read more about this 
amazing retreat HERE!!!  please say hi to beth.  
i promise you will instantly want to be her friend too.  
she has so much to share.

cul*ti*vate a "dream" retreat for yourself


  1. This would be a dream retreat, I would dearly love to go back to england. Are you going Chrissy?
    If $$ wasn't an issue I'd be there in heartbeat.
    Happy Weekend Sister!

    ps: I'll be on the lookout for little hearts:)

  2. Sounds like a dream - i love these pictures Chrissy! Awww, time to get back into my studio very soon, many canvases are waiting to be finished! Keep sparklin' babe, weekend hugs :)

  3. OK, this must be serendipity or.... just this very morning I had phone conversation with a friend who told me all about Beth and her postcard swaps and her retreat. Is somebody trying to tell me something???

  4. Ahhhh Chrissy you are the sweetest, loveliest kindest person. I can't believe you just wrote that. Thank you SO much for that very first discussion we had back in California, and for your belief all the way along. Friends like you are so precious. BethXx

    PS Patty, I think the universe might be sending you messages!!

  5. This retreat would be soooo amazing..DREAM! Someday! There are so many beautiful opportunities in life, right?!I am going to get out my penny jar & start saving. :) Thank you for sharing this Chrissy. Have a wonderful weekend. XO

  6. Wow Chrissy this sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing! I will be sure to check out Beth's page! These photos are lovely too! Always sharing the inspiration! Chrissy you rock! :)

  7. It is a beautiful retreat.. If only.. and Juliette Crane and Louise Gale will be there too.. how wonderful! I wish.. I wish.. saving my pennies...
    I'd LOVE to be there ...
    hugs xo

  8. Oh wow. I would L♥VE to go to that! Yes, I would! You are such a gem for sharing Chrissy! ♥

  9. oh man! how I wish I could go to retreats all over the world for all of my life! wouldn't that be awesome - to do a different one each month? :) oh well, in another lifetime, perhaps. :)

  10. i love going to retreats. creating art, meeting with such lovely like minded women. this one looks wonderful.
    i'll go if you'll go chrissy!

  11. This looks amazing. there is nothing more powerful than being surrounded by inspiring, talented women! ; )

  12. oh how fun would that be!!!!!
    these pictures are amazing.....i just want to be all cuddled up on that couch!

    i am all about cultivating a dream retreat!!!

    love you so much

  13. I only wish I could afford to go on this one, it looks wonderful!!


    Micki x

  14. I am so thankful I took that first step in signing up for retreats. At the time (unearth), it felt kind of selfish and luxurious, but now I know how amazing, powerful and life changing they can be. And if I never took that step, I would have never met you. beautiful you! and I would not have started the journey in finding myself, my community and my creative voice.
    Oh, how I wish we could roam the hills of the english countryside together. Delightful!


  15. Oh man that sounds wonderful....This year is probably out for me but next year, well that is when travel can be a go..:) New baby and breastfeeding..

  16. doesn't it look wonderful! beth is such a treat herself, i'm sure the retreat will be magical.

  17. every time i hear about this or see more photos i just get so excited! i cannot wait for the do what you love retreat!!!

    such a beautiful post!!!

    xoxo, juliette

  18. we all took a vote and think you should go.......now go and get those bags packed, girlfriend!!! here's to doin' what you love!! xoxox, :))


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