January 24, 2011

when the tempests rage...

{photo found here}
i.ve been thinking about storms lately.
it.s been quite windy here in peoria, arizona the past few nights.
last night at about 12:30 i felt a little hand touch my face.
"i can.t sleep mom." ...back went the covers and in crawled a little girl who tucked herself under my arms and fell fast asleep.  almost two hours later i heard the speedy pitter pat of small feet running towards my bedside. 
{the feet of one who has recently developed a GIGANTIC fear of natural disasters} onto the bed he leapt.."i had a bad dream and the wind outside is SOOO scary."  under the sheets dove his 9 yr old body with his head resting right next to my heart.

for the next 5 hours as i lay sandwiched between my 2 youngest
i marveled at how by just being next to me.  touching me.  knowing i was there.
...suddenly the howling winds outside the window weren.t as scary
and they were able to get rest.
last week i had a few storms of my own arise
{nothing devastating...but storms none the less}
i believe in God.  i like to call him my Heavenly Father because it makes my relationship with him more intimate...like i REALLY am his child.   
i know that not everyone shares my belief.
i am so grateful that i have somewhere i can turn.  somewhere i can run when the winds pick up and start to howl and things get a bit scary.  and although the storms may still be swirling about...
i feel His arms around me.
i know i am safe.
i know i am loved.
i can find rest.

where do you go when the tempests rage?
where do you find rest amidst the storms?

cul*ti*vate a safe place from the storms of life


  1. We all need someone to turn to, to feel loved and protected from life's storms. Your children turned to you, and with that you were all protected by the healing power of Love.

    Isn't it grand?!?!

    Big hugs and big kisses, soul sistah...

  2. i am taking this MOST BEAUTIFUL post in....i will be back.

    i love you

  3. Looks like you love your kiddos the same way your Heavely Father loves you.

    TRUST has been the word I have been clinging to all week as I will have a biopsy tomorrow on my breast (I don't like growing older). But just like you I am so thankful that I can TRUST and go to HIM for peace of mind.

    Hope you find much peace and rest today. I have a 5 year old who still sleeps with us. He just likes my squishy arm.

    Have a blessed day.

  4. I love this question... I too believe in God and I feel his presence all around me. I am going to tell you a story on New Years eve my mothers little sister died..54 years old and It was a tragic for the whole family she wasnt sick she just gave up on life and had no will to live and died. I went to see her at the hospital were she had been dead for a while and she was in that awful bag and her sons asked if I would go in with them to see her and speak about her to them. She was my god mother and I look a lot like her. chrissy
    I honestly spoke to God and said I am giving you this please give me the strength I need to help these boys. I felt like God put words in my mouth and I did not cry I was strong and I made them see her the way she was before and It was like he gave me comfort to give...I go to God all the time. I am regular and I have 100 percent faith that when its raining over hear he is holding my umbrella....Love you scarf sister...G

  5. What a beautiful post, Chrissy...the image of you wrapped up in a kid sandwich is so precious..an image they will hold dear forever.

    I, too, like you look to God. Sometimes with questions...like, "Why does this growing part hurt so much?" or "Why can't I just be content with the blessings you've given me?" or, even more humbling..."When will it all be okay?"

    I think the tempests "grow" us in ways that we would never stretch if it was status quo...and He wants us to call on him as much as we can..not just when the storms rage.

    Love you, sweet Brave sister-

  6. We all need somewhere to shelter from the storms and take care of us. Beautiful post ChrissyXx

  7. Lovely lovely story Chrissy. I think I am sort of moving myself closer towards my belief in God that I have always had, so I can understand the comfort. I love this comparison of our little ones coming to us and us going to Him. This is a picture I will keep with me. Thanks friend.


  8. Oh, Chrissy, your post brought back memories of being little, waking up in the middle of the night and getting in bed between my parents. There I felt perfectly safe! Now, I find that safety in the arms of my husband and in my own heart... Love, Silke

  9. Dearest, oh I can just see your little ones coming to your bedside in the middle of the night to shelter from harm, where they feel safe and warm. Love to you. xx

  10. Beautiful sweet girl! And don't you feel like all is perfect in the world when they are in your arms? I know I can conquer anything for them when they are close to me like that.... for me, God is the ONLY way to survive those storms. No matter how hard something may be, I know that if I turn to Him, I can get through it. It's faith...knowing that He gives us just what we can handle... even if it feels like we can't... I hope all will be ok in your corner of the world. Remember it's small because you are so loved by so many. We are here for you! Love you, Mikal

  11. Quite a touching reflection. I too can remember a few times when my boys were little and they would come seek comfort with me on a scarry night. Your comparing that with the comfort that we can find in God's care is familiar to me. Thank you for sharing your expression of this and reminding me of his care.

  12. You my dear, are beautiful. Your kids are so blessed to have you as their Mummy. When I was small and scared at night I was not allowed in my parents room, and I probably would not have chosen to go there anyway. My parents were not, well .... Parently!

    I have a hard time knowing where to turn in times of trouble. God sometimes, my hubby, affirmations .... I dabble in all kinds of refuge. :)

    Love to you.

  13. have you seen the film
    where the wild things are
    & how they sleep in that sleep pile together?
    i loved that soooo
    & too i love your picture painted here.
    whipping winds are so much less scary
    when we're wrapped in love arms!
    (& all the better when it's chrissy!) :)
    oh yes, to God, to God, i run...
    those arms too...CaptainLove.
    sometimes i also run
    to chocolate
    & black licorice
    & tea.

  14. Love that story! Yes, as a mum we have to give safety and love - and we can draw that from god, whatever we may call him! Hugs for a lovely tuesday!

  15. This is a great post. One night, years ago, I was devastated and laying in bed crying and I literally felt the hand of God slip underneath me and hold me. My fear changed to love. Thanks for sharing your story...

  16. What a Beautiful post! I, too, go to my Heavenly Father. His arms are so big and wide, and so safe and sound! I have been through many storms in the last couple of years, still swirling in a couple, but He has never failed me yet!!!

  17. I love you so much. My heart is so deeply moved by your life and your wonderful relationship with your heavenly father. I can just see you snuggling down with his arms around you. I am asking our heavenly father to COVER you and all those you love with peace and mercy.....
    I love you dear sweet sister.

  18. chrissy this is such a beautiful post. your words touched my heart.
    honestly, i don't know how anyone makes it in this big old world without turning to Him who loves us so much.

    please put this sweet post in a book or journal for your children- it is beautiful!

  19. I cannot wait until you see this video- your post so totally reminded me of it-. It will speak so loud to you and give you the hug I would like to give right now.

  20. Beautiful post; Love of family and my belief system help me brace the storms. I love how children embrace life and entwine with us, if we are open. My kids have done the same and I have laid in bed with them.

    I hope this storm, surrounds you with love and you stand tall! You are in my thoughts n' prayers~

  21. i love you chrissy. i love your babies...they are darling. i am missing you and wishing we were closer so i could help. you have such strength. i admire you for who you are. you are a beautiful, faithful woman. love, love you.

  22. thanks for sharing from your heart Chrissy. I'm in a season of leaning hard into Him. It is so good to know that God wants us to do that and He accepts us with open arms.

  23. yes . thank you telling this amazing story of peaceful moments amid the storm

  24. oh gosh, chrissy what a wonderful comparison. to lean on something (or someone higher than us) to find rest. i too find comfort in His arms. and i have never felt closer to God than when I am with the very ones (such as yourself) have entered my life. i thank God for each and every one of my sisters. you included. love you and miss you!


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