January 17, 2011

on sitting still...

i think i am reigning in my vision to a more translucent path.
instead of many trails of earth and pebble and sea,
pulling me in multiple directions,

by sitting silent...

ever so silent...
{impatiently at times i might add}

the edges have begun to blur 
and the path that lies ahead
is now
 clearly emerging.

sometimes we have to sit still 
give our hearts time to process and speak back to us.

i am still learning this lesson about my soul.

cul*ti*vate your "still heart" times


  1. Such a great post... so very true.
    I have a hard time remembering to be still - thanks for the reminder.


  2. you can here SO much in the silence of a moment...cannot wait to see where your path takes you!!

    prairie Xo

  3. Beautifully said Chrissy!!...thanks for sharing your magical spirit and soul inpsiring insights!

  4. oh chrissy...i love this!
    i've posted a page from a SARK book in my office of "sit still & let the beauty come"...
    i have it up because it is a lesson i need to continually remind my impatient self of!!
    & about this heart of yours, how wonderful to await what she will say, since she's such a gorgeous being...i just know her whispers will be wonders. xoxox

  5. so true but it's so hard to be silent sometimes, so busy all the time. thank you for such a beautiful reminder! susan

  6. Being still sounds on the surface like the easiest thing ever, and yet it's so often the hardest. But whenever I find space and time and courage to do it, I'm rewarded by hearing from my truest self. I think you're on to something, sweet Chrissy... ;o)

  7. Do you like the Eagles? This reminds me of their song "Learn to be still". I need to learn to do this. Thank you for the inspiration!! How's everything going for you in SR?

  8. Wow... what a beautiful thought... (and something I rarely do, but should!)

    Thanks for making us all take a moment and think about this.


  9. brave one you are...sharing this secret. i too am trying to sit still this year but i'm only whispering it to myself in hopes that i can keep it going : )

  10. I too struggle with sitting still! Thank you for the reminder, Chrissy.

  11. So beautiful and so true Chrissy!! Love this picture. I too have trouble sitting still. I need to do that more and just listen . . .

  12. hi love. so glad you are taking this time for yourself. truly being still is HARD, but oh so necessary for discovering the quiet parts of ourselves that are aching to be heard. i struggle with being still and need to find more time to do this myself.
    whatever path you take, it will be the right one for you.

  13. You are so right. It is very, very hard to be patient with ourselves. Waiting is the hardest part.

  14. It's such a gift to know when to sit and be still. You have this gift, my friend...you know that when we quiet our hearts, God speaks so much louder than a whisper.
    love you-

  15. I love you dear friend... being still and hearing that still small voice brings life.... to your soul... Loving you sweet friend. So glad that you have had some time being still.

  16. The wise woman speaks again. Still is so hard, but so precious when you can make yourself do it
    Thanks for the inspiration Chrissy

  17. What a beautiful and honest post...thank yo so much for sharing....here's hoping your path becomes even clearer....

    XO Mandy

  18. Your blog visit and affirmation made my day! I am in a season of doubt and doing my best to push it away. I needed your words of encouragement. You made ME feel special. Thank you!

  19. i love the sandy, well-tracked, narrow path to the ocean. it speaks to me of the narrow way leading to the broadening of real life in us. being still and learning to really know God... i always leave here feeling better about the world.

  20. Saying my prayers for you and yours... Loving you so much! ox

  21. beautiful post chrissy- you always teach me so much with your heartfelt thoughts and posts.

    you are a beautiful spirit dear chrissy! thank you for the beauty that you share and for the friendship you give.

  22. you always have the most perfect way of speaking your heart.....even when you're sitting still. beautiful message......thank you beautiful friend! xox

  23. This is beautiful. I've been spending a lot of time sitting still lately. It is completely refreshing. : )

  24. oh this makes me so curious! wondering where your path is taking you...do tell!


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