January 10, 2011

soul restoration!!! we all need it!!!

calling all  wonderful friends...
only a few more hours to sign up for 

melody and kathy are taking registrations through midnight (mtn time) tonight 
if you have been looking for yourself lately...
or have been bombarded by all the nasty little lies that trickle into our lives...
this may be the perfect gift to give yourself this year
this class will explore the same amazing curriculum i did at 
you can read about it here here
here here or here

i hope to see you there!!!


 *** UPDATE *** 
SOUL RESTORATION PART I will be held again in april 2011.  registration will begin around january 18th.
SOUL RESTORATION PART II is coming june 2011.

cul*ti*vate your soul


  1. let's do some cultivating babe!!!!

    always good to do some soul work....i am so happy we did some of that together at BGC!!!!

    i love you GIANT!


  2. I am so excited for tomorrow!! My cutie hubby surprised me with Soul Restoration for my bday. Best gift eeevvvver!

    Thank you for your heartfelt posts about your experiences with BG! Really inspired me to take part. :)

    Big Hugs!

  3. Oh I really wanted to do this but I was too late... bother!

    I hope you guys have fun... I hope they do another one soon.

    Really good to chat to you tonight, I hope you have a good sleep. xxx

  4. Have a great course - this sounds good and i'd love to hear about it! Hugs

  5. Looks amazing Chrissy! I really wanted to but I'm taking Misty Mawns class right now.
    Have a wonderful time sister!
    Much Love,
    jenny :)

  6. I'm busy going through Kelly Rae's e-course right now and loving it! Would love to hear about your course and what inspiration you get from it.

  7. I am in.... YEA, We are gonna be class mates!! I actually know that some of the most fabuously wonderfully wonderful women are class mates... So thankful we are all on this journey together.


  8. Have fun my dear!! Loves to you, xo

  9. I signed up from all the good word you sent it a while back. These gals are fabulous. xx


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