January 4, 2011

i need to learn how to knit...

i hope everyone had a most wonderful Christmas
and a happy (and safe) new year.s eve.

i know that i and my family really did.
every year i always say...
"this was the best Christmas ever!  it will never get better than this."
and magically it always does, the next year always seems to top the last.

most of you know that i live in arizona.  
we don.t get snow where i live.  actually we break out our uGG boots 
and our woolen goodies and crank the heat if it goes below 60 degrees here.

i know.  i know.     babies.
but i wasn.t always this way.  
see...i was born and raised on mountainous utah territory.
i loved the cold.  the snow.  the skiing.  4 wheel drive.  the snowman making.
the shoveling..(not so much) but you get the picture.

so i was as surprised as anyone when my blood started to thin
when we moved to phoenix 14 yrs. ago.
winter treks back home produced more "hot showers", "fires"
and "layers of clothes".  "mounds of blankets" and "those hand warmer thingies that you shake and they get warm..in every available pocket"
2011 will most likely move our family back to the frigid winters 
of the beehive state.  after spending the holidays there, i realized...
 i am not ready for the cold.
i happened upon these photos today and they made perfect sense to me.
knitted lovelies for things that don.t even need to stay warm.
 i pods
 bicycles {love this one}
street signs

wishing you all a warm new year!

{what would you cover with a fuzzy sweater if you had the chance?}

photos found here


  1. Oh my!
    I am a pretty prolific knitter... usually knitting socks. Now I want to knit sweaters for my trees!

  2. It sounds like you have a big year ahead. Moving interstate? Tell us more.

    Love a bit of yarn bombing. I actually have a secret yarn bombing project in the very early stages of planning. Hopefully during our winter this year it will come to fruition.

  3. May I pretty please teach you how to knit? Pretty please. Oh what fun we will have!!! I love you.


  4. hmmm...maybe one of the lions outside the art institute : )
    moving your family...we should chat.

    happy new year sweetness!!!

  5. these pictures are so funny- i especially love the tree!
    right now i would knit something to cover my whole body- it is so cold here right now- I AM FREEZING! i am the biggest baby when it comes to cold weather!

    i am so excited for you to move here but i'm sorry i can't teach you to knit but my son could teach you to crochet :-)

  6. I would cover me just to stay warm. I am not a fan of the cold weather at all. I need to learn how to knit right along with you :)

    Sending you love dear Chrissy!

  7. Ooooh I'm sure your warm hearts will keep the chill away wherever you move to (how exciting!)

    Love this post. I'd put blankets on all the little birds outside my window.

    Happy new year lovely ladyXx

  8. ohhhh, yay! a chrissy post!
    oh how i loooooove that yarned bicycle!
    what an awesome idea/maybe i'll knit a little
    around "may" in the spring!...but not TOO much, because i love may's greenness! my knitting skills are soooo basic...but i'd sure love to knit a hug around you, deer!

  9. ~my piggies...somehow my thermostat has gone by the way side...she who is one who never wears socks or shoes has been living in sockies!!! i am always blown away by the creative minds of others...truly amazing what some can come up with!!! i wish you all my best in the new year ahead and look forward to seeing and sharing the journey that lies waiting for you!!! much love light and blessings be with you and yours always~

  10. Ha! I love that yarn bombing stuff. There was a local "bombing" recently near me and it was so fun while it lasted.

    I miss you my dear and hope that your move is as easy peasy as possible!


  11. Oh the cold :) Trade you for the humidity and heat of the Waikato, New Zealand. :):):)

    Hmmmm if I was to knit (somewhere in a altered reality) I would knit jumpers for my sweet doglet, Toshie Bear, and handwarmers for me. Oh! And a patchwork blankey - I LOVE those!

  12. Looking at these fabulous knit projects makes me wish that I could knit more than just a scarf. I've always wanted to knit baby booties, lots and lots and lots of them...perhaps it's better that I don't take up knitting since I'd probably end up making way too many.

  13. Oh my...a big move! Best of luck.
    Don't know how to knit, but after looking at those pics I wish I could.

  14. love you and all of your fun ideas. You are so creative. knit me up something warm to keep my babies warm now that we have entered the freezing temperatures! Loved talking to you today. love you so much!!!

  15. lovely girl,
    i can teach you to knit.
    maybe it's the excuse we need to get together?

  16. Love this post Chrissy! Sounds like a year of big change for you! If I could knit I would want to make a sweater for my sweet pug! :)

  17. hi chrissy~
    last winter some friends and i started "happy hooker tuesday nights" where we got together and attempted crocheting.
    my friends sister was very good at crocheting and a good teacher (lots of patience) and we would all try and crochet a granny square, scarf, hat etc. etc. whilst snacking and drinking wine.
    must say it made those long winter weeks a little brighter to spend time with girlfriends, wine & YARN((:
    ...here's to new challenges in the new year...xo

  18. OMG - i love these pictures! The bike, the tree and the car ... so wonderful! I'm not ready for the cold either - must have lived in a sun filled country in my past life i guess, 4 weeks of winter would be just fine for me!

  19. LOVE these photos. the apples! and the bike are brilliant! I wish i could knit but i don't think i have the patience or technical ability to follow the directions - id be off doing my own thing and goodness knows what would happen! xxx

  20. Hi Chrissy. Happy New Year to you too! When I went to the city (NYC) the Lion Brand store had door handles covered in gorgeous knitted stripes. so pretty.
    I don't knit but someday I hope to learn.

  21. i think i would cover my kids mouths.....hmmmmm.....yep, that is what i would cover. (only when they are not being nice, of course!!)

    i love you and i love all of these fun images.
    especially that bike. i really want to cruise around on that!!!


  22. I have tried. I can't follow instructions. It was horrible and I threw everything in the garbage....seriously!

  23. Utah is the beehive state? Look, I learned something new today. :)
    I love the bike!

  24. What a fabulous post Chrissy! I learned how to knit 15 years ago when I was pregnant with my son. At the time, I took a part time job with a knitting store. I had no intention of learning how to knit. I was a weaver and I thought that all of the gorgeous yarns would look nice on my loom. But, the pattern for a tiny J Crew style baby sweater bit me and the owner taught me how to knit. I will always cherish my son's heather blue sweater. If you lived closer, I would teach you and we could knit covers for our sun tan lotion :))

  25. Happy new year to you sweetie (so belated I know, i'm still playing catch up after Christmas)

    It's super cold in the uk at the moment I could do with something knitted too ;)

    Love and hugs

    Micki x

  26. I totally can relate, being from New England and moving to the south, I know my blood has thinned. It is strange to want a jacket when it is 50 and complain about the cold. It doesn't feel natural!

    I love that you are trying something new; Wonderful photos, so pretty! I would make outside pets sweaters. Happy New Year to you n' yours~

  27. oh my goodness, what fabulous knitted goodies. i can't decide which is my favorite, the bike or the tree...

    sweet chrissy, i have lived in my entire life in florida...and to thin my blood even further, my mom was born and raised in the Keys. my girls are 7th generation floridians and i suspect after their brief ("Mama!!!! It's toooo cold!") foray into snow over the holidays, i think they'll bring us the 8th generation! happy new year to you and yours!

  28. That fuzzy sweater car is quite possible the cutest thing I've ever seen.

    My blood thinned after my first winter in California. (The down side of moaning about cold is that when you are moaning to people whose cold is 30-40 degrees colder than your cold is that you don't get much sympathy. ;)

    I have a Learn to Knit kit from The Blonde Chicken. I need to actually use it. Except now I decided to learn to crochet first. It seems easier. (Yet have I started? Of course not.)

    Happy happy new year, my dear Chrissy!!! xoxo


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