December 24, 2010

important lessons from a 9 year old...

have you ever been asked a question that stops you in your tracks?
makes you wonder what in the big gigantic world you have been doing?
let me paint you a picture...
this beautiful blue eyed wonder is my youngest.
last week as we were all driving in the car, 
probably hurrying along to somewhere unimportant
i hear these words from the back of the car...
"mom?  mom, if christmas were on sunday, would you make us go to church?"
{if you are laughing right now, you are totally following me here...}
insert knife to heart and turn.
see....this time of year means many different things to many people.
for me, it is a time to reflect and give thanks 
for a child, born in humble circumstances many years ago.
{beautiful artwork found here...}
i love christmas.  i love the decorating.  the baking.  the twinkle lights.
getting out our nutcrackers.  the carols.  the wrapping paper.  
jingling my kids to bed.  gingerbread houses.  my neighbors fudge.  
i love all of it.
{artwork by my beautiful friend kelly lish...}
but when stockton asked me if i would make him go to church on christmas,
i had to wonder what about christmas was i not celebrating?
what kind of example was i being to my children?
{artwork by liz lemon swindle
i want my children to know how grateful i am for a savior.
i want them to know that christ is what i love most about christmas.

i hope that as christmas descends upon us tomorrow you have 
the most joyful day with loved ones.  i hope that you are able to celebrate 
what truly means the most to you about this season 
and "yes stockton!  if christmas were on sunday,
it would be a blessing to go to church my dear 
and we would most certainly be there!"

merry christmas to you all!

cul*ti*vate the true reason of the season for you!

{i will be taking my family skiing next week...i.ll see you back here next year!  muah!}


  1. ~our littles are best at humbling us and bringing us to our knees to put and or bring life back into perspective!!! warm christmas wishes and brightest blessings upon you and yours this holiday season...may tomorrow be a day filled with only the wonders magic and spirit felt within your hearts...chrissy it has been a wonderful blessing getting to know you this past year and i thank you for all your loving kind words you have shared! much l♥ve light and blessings always shining brightly upon you~

  2. Thank you again dear friend for giving me a peek into your sweet heart.
    What a honor and blessing it is to call you my friend. Looking forward to all that we shall share in the coming year. Merry Christmas sweet friend.


  3. HERE HERE, great post Chrissy! Too many ppl forget these days what the true meaning of Christmas is. From the eyes and voice of a child. Love this. xo

  4. That question stopped me in my tracks, too! I try, try, try to make Christams all obout Christ, but for goodness sakes, I still get all caught up in all of the "Stuff". Thanks for this Stopper- I am going to ponder this question all day. :)
    Merry, Merry Christmas!!!

  5. That's why I love Primary so much. I learn so much more from the kids than I could ever teach them. Merry Christmas.

  6. Kids aye! Out of the mouth of babes!

    It is so easy to get caught up in a commercial Christmas and forget the real reason we celebrate. Merry Christmas to you Chrissy and to your beautiful family!

  7. well said, dear sweet girl and sweet stockton! a very merry CHRISTMAS to you all. Here's my favorite Dr. Suess quote that sums it's up's not about the's about something so much greater:

    “Every Who down in Who-ville, the tall and the small, was singing!

    Without any presents at all! He HADN’T stopped Christmas from coming!

    IT CAME! Somehow or other, it came just the same”…

    "Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn't before.

    What if Christmas, he thought, doesn't come from a store.

    What if Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more."

  8. Powerful post; The mouth of babes reflects so much wisdom! Thanks for sharing this beautiful post~ Merry Christmas to you n' yours~xXx

  9. That's interesting to me because when i was little, my hope always was that Christmas was on a Sunday; if it wasn't, we'd have to go to church twice that week - on Sunday plus Christmas.

    Merry Christmas, Chrissy!

  10. Merry, Merry Christmas sweet Chrissy. Love the usual! :) I hope you have the most wonderful time skiing too!

  11. A wonderful holiday to you and your family :)))

  12. a little excerpt from a poem
    to share w/you..

    "Sudden as sweet
    Come the expected feet
    All joy is young, and new all art
    And he, too, whom we have by the heart"
    by alice maynell

    love to you & yours
    & espec. this moment
    to the glowing face of stockton,
    & holding, with you,
    the one we have by the heart.

    love you so. xox

  13. Dearest, hope you are having a lovely season with the family, sounds like there is a lot of fabulous festive chatter. Lovely post. xx

  14. this is so beautiful. just like you my dear dear friend.

    i always feel like my kids are constantly teaching me....instead of me teaching them.

    i hope you had theeee most fabulous CHRISTmas and i know you are setting an unbelievable example for your children as a Daughter of God. i have no doubts.

    i love you.

  15. A very Merry Merry to you, sweet story teller! Warm wishes and kisses to you and yours :) And much gratitude for getting to spend time with you this past year!! You rock, dahling!!!

  16. Beautiful post, Chrissy! I need to do a better job at getting that message across to my kiddos too. :)

  17. heartfelt and moving chrissy.
    i am honored and blessed to have you in my life.
    i had a real eye opener this year.
    i'm learning ever so quickly that this journey may be gone before it's time.
    i am remembering ther true meaning of christmas.
    embrassing my family and counting my blessing.
    i love you so very much brave soul sister.
    please lets get together soon.
    i need you more than you know.
    love and hugs,

  18. Merry Christmas! I'm flying around like Santa to some of the fly girl roll call that I never seem to finish LOL. What a wonderful blog - and loved your post about the real reason for CHRISTmas. I'm following now so I won't miss anything - yay.
    Fan/Biz page

  19. Sadly, my children don't go to church. But my husband I made a point to attend a candle lit service this year, just the two of us, and it was really beautiful. Maybe one day my kids will come around but at this point I would rather they stay behind than come along unwillingly. I've seen how God has acted in my life and how could I not honor that?

  20. i adore this post......i adore this message......and i especially adore you, little miss "yes, it would be a blessing to go to church" precious you!!! i hope you had a beautiful Christmas with your sweet family, and i'm wishing you the best of the best new years!!! happiness always to you, xox, :))
    p.s. your stockton is beautiful......probably not real easy to say no to those gorgeous paul newman eyes, huh?!! :)

  21. Happy New Year Chrissy! I need to do a better job at getting that message across to my kids too.

    Sherman Unkefer

  22. HAPPY NEW YEAR dear Chrissy, i hope you've had a lovely time (you are such a great mum, christmas or not) - and look forward to meeting up with you in blogland again! xx

  23. I love this post. It's a great reminder as to what is important isn't it!!


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