December 6, 2010

you don.t need to cut the apron strings here....

question:  what happens when a wonderful event planner goes crazy 
bidding on vintage apron lots on ebay?

answer:   happy artsy chica.s  have a free for all picking the one they want...
trying them on for size...
 showing their divine apron fashion sense...
and posing before the paint begins to splatter!!!

i thought this was one of the cutest ideas that i learned this past weekend
at the seaside soiree with some really dear women...
on your next art date with friends,
 or even your next "let.s all cook together" weekend...
take some time to gather some sassy vintage aprons from great aunt martha.s 
linen closet (or ebay or your local thrift shop...even better) and gift them to 
all those sweet brave creative wonderful souls that gathered near.

{elena did this for us...i.ll post mine later this week)

cul*ti*vate a clever hostess idea


  1. what a way

  2. That is such a great idea! And I'll definitely figure out a way to use it again and again.

    Happy to see you all home safe and sound. Can't wait to read everyone's stories of fun!

  3. Hi Chrissy!

    What a great idea!! I am sure you had a lovely time! Can't wait to hear more stories! Hugs to you! :)

  4. there's nothing better than an good apron party (the paint splatters will hide all of the chocolate smudges).....especially with such a fabulous group of dear art gals!!! so happy for you to be able to play with these gals!!!
    xox, :))

  5. what a fun idea! i bet ya'll had a ball trying them all on. i get in lots of trouble on ebay. my weakness is vintage postcard lots. i am overrun, but still can't stop!

  6. What a great idea....women never get tired of playing dress up, even if it's aprons.

    They are very cute.

    Have a happy holiday season.

  7. That is a FABULOUS hostess idea for an art or cooking session with good friends!! I will have to remember that...

    I'm still loving the apron made for me by Stella at last years retreat and I'll be bringing it with me in February =-)

  8. What a gorgeous idea. Chrissy I know you sometimes do these art classes/retreats and I'm really keen to do one - I will have some space and time to travel soon and would love to come to the States and Do Art! I'd be really grateful if you could tell me where the best place is to look for these classes/retreats? Thanks :) Tara x

  9. That WAS pretty cool! I think I have a pic of you in yours that I will have to dig up....

  10. Love it, so super cool and funky! reminds me of the apron swap at AAJ. Love all the random apron-ness. xx

  11. i have a new love for aprons since our time in Manzanita last year. i have a few in my studio now...SO much fun!
    still missing you! xoxox

  12. love it! i plan to host some kind of creative evening with girlfriends sometime this winter...i am definitely going to do that! looks like a wonderful time, chrissy! xo

  13. How fun! :)
    Thanks for visiting me. I love your blog too. I'm so glad I found it!

  14. What a fun idea! I will have to remember that.

  15. thanks for visiting my blog . . . love yours and the aprons are too funny!!
    Take Care,


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