December 18, 2010

ginger"BOND" houses....

when i was a little girl my mom would have all the young girls in our church come over and she would teach them how to make gingerbread trains.
they were never as elaborate as this one i found here
but i always loved the little frosting bags and the ginger smell 
and the sound of little candies hitting the tile floor.
every year i say "we are going to make gingerbread houses together."
and every year passes with no sugary sweet cottages to display.
until this year!
 let the decorating mess begin...
i knew the little ones would love it....
and the girls for sure.
but i was surprised that the boys were the ones who really got into it.
especially my 18 yr. old.  {he.s an artist}
 look how darn clever he is...
his snowman is wearing an elks lodge hat.
they were proud of their architecture.
some a bit more obvious than others.
and in the end it was such a festive bonding experience.
a ginger"bond" party.
new christmas tradition?      check.

cul*ti*vate a new tradition with the ones you love.


  1. How wonderful is this??! Your kids are awesome, I love the little candy creatures and house decorations. I'm sure they will treasure these memories that you created for them Chrissy. Love!

  2. jackson DOES rule
    & so does each cottage.
    i find my eye drawn
    to what hangs above the doorways
    of peace & green wreath & sweetness.
    each face in each photo
    is so engaged in delicious creation & home.
    of course deer would be drawn HERE.

  3. chrissy your family is beautiful.
    a beautiful day spent with family creating sweet christmas houses.
    your mom was watching from above with a big smile on her face

    i love the tiny snowman and reindeer.
    have a beautiful day today.

  4. That's so sweet! We made tons of cookies yesterday, and Jake asked me when we were doing gingerbread houses. For some reason I recall 1st grade with the oldest and crying kids because their houses were falling apart... I think I must be intimidated still! LOL You'll have to share your frosting recipe so I can make Jake's dream come true! Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and those sweet babes of yours!

  5. Wow, i'm impressed with you! So great to get all this done - and everybody had so much fun! I know that sometimes it's hard to move from dreaming about things to really doing them - and you DID it, you brave girl you! Hugs!

  6. Chrissy, I love it! I've been reading your blog for a few weeks now and love to see inside your life just a little bit more. Kids are darling (but I already knew that). Wonderful creations. Glad you had a great gingerbond night!

  7. How lovely, talent revealed in sweetness~

    Love their creations! enJOY! Happy you shared this with us~xXx

  8. I am totally loving this tradition. what fun :) I want to come over and make gingerbread houses with you guys

  9. Dear Chrissy.... What a sweet day you have given to your children. I love that they all were having so much fun! What a creative bunch you have....gosh must take after mom. I have a feeling that this gingerbread day will be a annual event at your home from now on. Loved, Loved, it all!
    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas full of making special memories.
    Love you so much.

  10. Chrissy what fun that must have been!! Love your pictures! What a lovely family! Thanks for sharing this experience with us! :)

  11. i love every. single. thing. about. this.

    i love all of their sweet faces.
    i love all of the creativeness that is flowing from each sweet house.
    i love the tradition you have created with your chitlins.
    i love that you remember the lovely traditions your mom set.
    i especially love the last photo with your sweet face in it.
    and i love you.


  12. Chrissy, We did the same thing this weekend! If you want to try it with cake, I found a great recipe in the paper last Sunday. The link is at the beginning of my post of photos:

    I say the same thing to myself every year about what I want to do--and Gingerbread houses is always on the list. I made a point to try something new and just do it/did it! And I'm with you--this is a tradition worth cultivating every year!

  13. What a wonderful tradition. Congratulations on fitting it into a very busy holiday schedule this year. Wonderful photos to remember it with and to share with us. Blessings to you and your family!!

  14. They are fabulous Chrissy. Absolutely gorgeous. What a fun thing to do together.

  15. that's what we did today : )
    your creations are absolutely lovely!!!

  16. I can smell the sugary sweetness and feel the magic of love right now! You are truly one groovy mama full of so much goodness. I would love to live in one of those darling gingerbread houses so I could hang out with all of you :)

  17. What a fabulous new tradition - and how gorgeous are all your children? What fun you shared. Festive greetings to you lovely ladyXx

  18. Fun! We have a house full of cousins this week and this would be a great idea to give them something to do. I love those little reindeer!!

    Lovely kids, and great that they were all doing this together.


  19. Wow!! I'm so impressed! I love the variety and you guys made it look like so much fun!!! I'd love to display one of those, but I can't promise you that I won't sneak a tree or shingle or something :D

  20. *love* this tradition with my little prairie family! your houses looked amazing!!
    i think i might have to "borrow" the little tradition you shared with me about the bells..*adore* this!! i wonder if cow bells would have the same effect... ;0)

    prairie hugs,

  21. those are SO MUCH FUN! my girlies and i made two different kinds of cookies and a couple batches of rice crispie treats today, but this takes the cake! literally! and my favorite picture of all is the one of you and your kiddos with all your creations. :-)

  22. Okay how cool is this post. I love it and I love the houses...yeah you..Merry Christmas friend I love....G

  23. oh I wish I lived in your house! you are such a cool mom! :)

  24. LOVE IT! I dont' know about you, but making ginger bread houses is VERY dangerous for me. Hardly any of the candy actually gets on the house!!
    Your family is just so adorable and creating these memories for your kids will live in their hearts forever. You are one ROCKIN mama, my friend.


  25. first of all, have the most beautiful family!!! precious!!!
    i love this post...we do this every year as well, and it brings the most amazing conversations, frustrations, creativity and sugar consumption!!!

    our other tradition, which we will start tomorrow, is our homemade cut out cookie baking and decorating. flour flies, powdered sugar covers our clothes, but the kids just love having their own little creations to embellish and we laugh, talk & of course there are always small(or large) battles...hard to be avoided with four kids under 11. don't these times just make you so thankful? they are precious...and to be savored. keep savoring these special bonding times, which i know you will!!! xxoo

  26. How fun! What a creative family bonding event, and what great memories you've made too. Love it!

  27. Adorable! Your such a good Mom!!! And... wow how cute are those houses! Thanks for sharing!!! :) xox

  28. Fabulous Chrissy! I haven't made one of those houses in years. Thanks for the walk down memory lane :) Merry Christmas!!

  29. Oh how fun to see these happy little houses! Beautiful Chrissy, your family is darling!
    Happy Christmas sister, love you!

  30. well not to take any of the glory away from the other houses, but i would say that your fabulous artist son gets the prize.......that little peace sign over the front door is priceless!! he is a gingerbread rock star!!! i hope you have a beautiful Christmas with your absolutely precious family......and i'm so happy that we'll be sharing some bloggy creativity in 2011!! joy and happiness to you, sweet friend!! xox, :))
    p.s. i'm guessing that there were no chocolate goodies on the gingerbread houses because you ate them all......?......!!! xox


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