December 10, 2010

a new definition of soiree....

what is a soiree anyway?
i think it.s just a fancy name for a kickin party...
mr. webster told me this party needed to be getting it.s grove on when the sun goes down.  if that.s the case then we bent the rules at last weeks seaside soiree.
we soireed for three days straight.
{so take that mr webster and stick it in your new and expanded version}
liz hicks
taught a class using a mixed media kit that is new on the market.
it had EVERYTHING in it that we needed.
{more info to come about those}
 this particular kit was a sea based theme...
remember we were at the "seaside soiree" after all...

i didn.t finish mine..{not surprising} but the finishing touch
will be this mermaid which was drawn by suzi blu
michelle cummings
taught us how to make a crown out of chicken wire.
it was fun.  it brought me back to my wire bending days in my dad.s orthodontic office.  think how much fun i could have had if i would have been able to add beads and glitter to people.s braces!
my favorite class was hands down taught by this dear soul
 alisa burke
she taught us how to take blank canvas from this...
 to this....
to this.
it was a fun and get your hands messy kind of painting.
i loved it because messy is in my bones and the idea was to NOT think about
it too much and that is always good for my tired little brain.
most good students then took their canvas and sewed it into a clutch or purse,
here is my dear patrice helping my other dear kolleen get an "A" in class.
but i was always a "B" student and again...i didn.t get my work done.
it.s gonna turn into something cool though... i promise.
you can get alisa.s cool book on how to do this yourself right here...
shared her talents in our last project.
she had drawn an "elena" mermaid stamp for everyone who was at the soiree and we then stamped paper with her and added our own embellishments...mine was some sun and surf and again...didn.t finish.  
{maybe i should be more concerned that i have said that 
about EVERY single project we did???}

well before i get too worked up about it, i just want to say that although i didn.t finish even one art piece there, i was surrounded by friends old and new who i adore and the camaraderie {it.s spelled webster said so}
 was theee very best part of the whole darn party!

seaside + friends + art = the best new definition of soiree ever!

cultivate a new art project...even if you don.t finish it!


  1. I am so glad I got to see you...I just felt lke your one of my best friends and I think i talked a bit to much but it was i needed to tell you what has happened.. I am very happy that you and kolleen got to spend time together too thats so good for both of you I am sure....I love you!!!!

  2. Happy Happy for you my friend! Looks like a wonderful time and those friendships are so incredibly important. :)
    Much ♥

  3. "take that
    mr. webster!"..
    chrissy deer,
    i laughed
    out loud!
    this combination
    you colorfully
    of water & art & friends,
    is one of my
    very favorite
    kinds of time
    to be in too!
    all those ingredients
    are also in you,
    which is
    part of what
    makes YOUR project
    soooo complete(ly)
    fabulous! xoxox

  4. All this sounds like so much fun! Awwww. i'm dying to get back to my studio and delve into the colors. Can't wait to see your mermaid Chrissy, i'm sure she's lovely! xox

  5. You are so funny beautiful lady! Looks like you all had a blast! Lots of color, lots of laughter, lots of fun! Now go finish those projects! xo

  6. i know for sure that you are my long lost sister!! ;0) not finishing B student the whole shabang!!
    SO glad you had a wonderful looks amazing!

    prairie hugs,

  7. Everything in Life is a "work in progress" really!! Besides, it's fun to bring back the projects and work on them at home =-)

  8. Chrissy, I'm right there with you - I didn't finish anything either, but at least you get an "A+" for documenting and sharing every little detail so well, which I did not do. Lovely to see you again, my friend (I think those words are part of an old Moody Blues song that you are much too young to remember....)


  9. Happy for you; Messy is in my bones, too~
    YOU connected with so many wonderful friends and made new ones~! YOU will finish when time permits and ideas flow~ It renews your spirit to create with friends! Someday I hope I can do this~

    I love your creative beginnings...

    Happy for you

  10. what fun! i love liz's skirt, too!

  11. i just adore you and the way you tell a story. wish i was there with you beauties.

  12. I love the way your brain works dear friend!!
    Loved, Loved, Loved getting a few hugs from you last weekend also!
    You are sooo ... inspiring me to be a better person... friend... girl with a needle in her hand. (smiling) Can not wait to see your creations.

    my best,

  13. WONDERFUL! What lovely fun you all had. Doesn't matter that you didn't "finish" your work.... its more fun to go back to it later and rekindle all the memories you have from starting it in the first place. xxx

  14. Oh my goodness, that looks like so much fun! And all those lovely supplies... Hope you keep creating back at homeXx

  15. How fun Chrissy- I wish I could have come to your little soiree- we could have been B-students together!
    You get an A just for being sweet Chrissy!

  16. A soiree sounds so much more fun than a party...unless it's a par-tay I guess. It looks like you had such a great and inspiring time! Thanks so much for your encouraging words about my birdie photos. I think I will check that link out on the Brave Girls site. p.s. Who cares if you didn't finish any of your projects. The fun part was in the process, right?

  17. That looks like so much fun, I can't even stand it. Reminds me of BGC! I'm not very good at messy art like that. I struggle with being free...would have loved to learn more about that technique.

    Anyway I love meeting a new "sister". Wasn't Jeanne a hoot? Holy cow! I was one of the very first girls. Something I'm so proud of.

  18. tell the truth: you wear that crown EVERY CHANCE YOU GET, right?


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