December 15, 2010


hi friends....
something about me...
i have never been a cat lover!  
{sorry to all you feline fans..nothing personal}
just for today i have some kitty friends who need your love and attention...
one of the dearest friends i have met in this
  big old small wonderful blogging world
she is part of the most amazing creative art group around.
i am always green with envy when i hear each month 
what they have done together.
in october these sassy sweet ladies started with these blank kitty canvases
and ended up with a whole hip litter of saucy kitty kritters
 these are some cool cats i would not be allergic to!!!
you can read about the fun and a tutorial on

today...december 15th
these women are coming together for a charitable christmas kitty auction.
they have "special" holiday kitties for this event and 100% of the proceeds go to the 
rumor is this adorable kitty from guest contributor judy wise...
will be needing a new home along with her friends.

please please go to
to help support this wonderful cause today!

cul*ti*vate a warm place in your heart for a new christmas kitty


  1. Oh dear Chrissy this is wonderful- thank you so VERY VERY much. I adore your sweet spirit.

  2. I'm not a feline girl either, canine all the way. But I do LOVE Haiti. Thanks for sharing the link and the spirit of giving.

    Danielle xo

  3. Hi Chrissy, this is great! Thanks for sharing! And I am not a cat person either! ;)

    PS . . . Thanks for your sweet comment yesterday on my blog! xo

  4. ~oh gosh...kitties this adorably sweet are quite hard to resist...what a wonderful way to raise money...thank you for sharing these talented ones with us...warm holiday wishes and brightest blessings~

  5. hey sweet angel! Thanks for sharing this story. I love hearing about people still sending support over to Haiti.

    I also love seeing a creative sister supporting another.


  6. How great! I love these kitties. I am a sucker for animals, even in my small house I have a big dog, two cats, and two birds. My kids want a bunny and I am firmly saying no. For now. ;)


  7. Love these kitties. Im off to check it out. xx

  8. These are veeeery cute and I'm not a cat person either :)
    Love that your spreading the love this season.
    I love you!!!

  9. Woof..wooof....woof..

    I am not a feline girl either but I love these little kitties!

    What a FANTASTIC way to continue to raise money for Haiti!

  10. What a great idea...I was just visiting her sight....thank you for visiting me the other happy you did because now I have found your lovely lovely blog....xooxoox Thurs hugs my new friend. xoxoxo

  11. Those are Adorable!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your Sweet, Sweet Comment. We do indeed have so much in common!

    I am so sorry about your Mom. It is a strange thing to be without a mom! I do, thankfully, have a wonderful sister. She has just finish chemo and I am REJOICING that she is, in her doctors word, "Cancer-free and in full remission." She also has a blog that you might enjoy- A Ruffled Nest- she is on my Friday Pretties link.
    Anyway, thank you for introducing yourself to me! And, I am your newest follower, too.

  12. Lovely cats, great cause - will have a look in a minute! I'm a BIG cat lover - my husband is totally jeallous of our tomcat - who is sooooo charming and never without his tuxedo-fur in black and white ;) Hope you have a great time Chrissy, hugs!

  13. i must confess, i'm not much
    of a cat fan either...
    although i do send them love humming nonetheless!
    & i am a giant fan of kindness
    & love that you are spreading the word
    of this lovely mission.
    a big squeeeeeze to you tonight,
    dear deer. hoh. xox

  14. Thanks for passing on this info...and I'll definitely stop by your link to see about contributing. I love it when artists come together to support good causes! And happy, wonderful holiday to you and yours!

  15. Nice of you to spread the word! Great cause; I just went and placed a bid~ They are all so adorable!

    Thanks Chrissy for letting the cat out of the bag~xXx

  16. I'm not a cat person either, but they are CUTE! And, for such a great cause too. :)


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