December 3, 2010

find me by the seaside...

today i am blessed to be boarding a plane for
this wonderful event is being hosted by 

this beautiful brave girl.
i feel abundantly spoiled as i will get to go and soak in all sorts of
wonderful classes taught by several women whom i really admire.
just to name a few.

i feel extremely grateful to be meeting up with precious artful friends i have gathered into my circle along this creative journey i am cultivating.
 kathy wilkins from brave girls
 brave girls...marianne, camille, kelly and kolleen
 wise and wonderful brave girl patrice {hugging kelly}
melody, lara and elena...all brave girl sisters
the bravest girl EVER....jamie
{being smooched by kolleen and i}
 my talented "unearth" sister and photographer...patty
and i can.t tell you how excited i am to get my arms wrapped around
this "unearth" scarf sister of mine...the beautiful miss G...{gloria}

just writing these words and looking at these photos gives me goosebumps
and makes me recognize how incredibly privileged i am to be completely enveloped by such amazingly strong, courageous, creative, brave souls over the past year. i look forward to sharing some fun stories with you
and want to send huge hugs and kisses to all my girlfriends old and new
who won.t be finding themselves at the seaside this weekend.
i truly love you all!


cul*ti*vate a WONDERFUL circle of girlfriends!


  1. Oh how fabulous Chrissy! I've got goosebumps for you. :) It's gonna be awesome, looking forward to hearing all about it!

    Thank you for signing up for my giveaway and for your words of kindness. Love you!

  2. oh my gosh how fabulous. I wish I knew about this event. I would be hoping on a plane right now. Give everyone a giant hug from me. Enjoy the time by the seaside!

  3. every single one of these women
    look AMAZING!
    strong, beautiful, deep, creative..
    i think you've all
    been born of the sea
    & are now returning.
    enjoy your big blue, deer.

  4. This looks amazing. So excited for you!

  5. Ohhh Chrissy write my name in the sand so I can be there too! :) xox Have fun!!! xox - Kim

  6. ~chrissy you are off again...embarking on another memory making journey!!! i wish you well and only a grand time to soak it all up and savor the friendships you have made!!! warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  7. I am so excited for you!!! Have a wonderful, creative, love filled time:-)

  8. wow it looks like a wonderful group of lovely women, I am a tad jealous, ha ha...I've never been on an art retreat & don't know if I ever will be able too...they look so brillant and amazing though. Wishing you a wonderful trip & time...& congrats on the cultivation of your beautiful circle:D

  9. Have a blessed and FABULOUS time. Fill your heart right up with squishy goodness! Can`t wait to read all about it! xo

  10. whoooot!

    this post made me smile from ear to ear and back again!!!

    i cannot wait to hug on you and all those other chickies pictured above. i feel beyond blessed to have you and each of them in my circle too!!!

    loving you

  11. oh you and lara should have come and kidnapped me!! it looks like a fabulous bunch and an amazing creative journey!! enjoy, can't wait to see photos!

    prairie hugs,

  12. oh how fun. you will no doubt have another fabulous time and come home with more wonderful stories to tell. i am living vicariously through you! much love..

  13. Chrissy how fun!! Have a wonderful, lovely, fabulous time!! Hugs to you! :)

  14. chrissy my dear, i hope you have a wonderful time. just wish i was one of those gals going just to get a {hug} from Y. O. U.

    take this time to rest and restore my lovely. i miss you bunches and hope to soon meet up with you.

    i love you!!

  15. It sounds like a great time will be had by ALL - have fun Missy Chrissy!!

  16. This sounds so wonderful! Good for you!!!

  17. I'm so longing to be a Brave Girl. Have a great trip!

  18. Have a great time, Chrissy. Cultivating your FriendSHIPS on the sea of life.

  19. Friendship really is the backbone of happiness! I am glad you have such an amazing group and am glad for my own amazing relationships!!!

  20. Have a wonderful time... How could you not?!?
    I look forward to hearing about all of the fabulousness!


  21. Have a wonderful time. Hope you enjoy every minute and come back refreshed and inspired. Breathe deep, exhale, enjoy.

    Thanks for coming over to my blog and commenting!

  22. I am so happy for you - that you can get on a plane, fly (my favourite thing ever), to go and do this!!!! Happy days!

  23. It really is fabulous. No wonder you have goosebumps. I can't wait to hear about your time there.

  24. I am so happy for you Chrissy! It sounds like a truly magical trip. I hope you enjoy it to the fullest and look forward to hearing about it! :)

  25. Have a wonderful time! (I know you will.)

  26. I am so excited for you; This sounds amazing!
    You will have much to share when you return. Friendships are priceless,treasures for our souls~

  27. so fabulous to have all your creative worlds collide. hope you had an amazing time! those aprons are too cute. and btw, loved you in the Brave Girls video. :)


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