January 12, 2011

hmmmm? which path to follow?

 am i the only one having a hard time
 choosing which paths i want to follow in 2011?
 i feel like there are a plethora of choices out there for me.
so many wonderful opportunities to explore.
so many classes to choose from.
a basketful of retreats i want to attend.
an abundance of friends i desire to connect with.
loads of artful ideas in my brain just bursting to come forth.
sewing and stitching and painting and photography....
my dear friends....
how do you narrow down your paths?
how do you beautiful souls decide which paths are the 
important ones for you to follow this year?

{i.m serious...i need your help}

cul*ti*vate the paths YOU are meant to follow


  1. Gee.... I think you must have just looked in my mind before you wrote this post. You nailed it on all points -- I really do feel like I have a lot of choices before me and I also am feeling overwhelmed at all the opportunities. Yes, I still have endless list of "I must ...' for job/family, but I'm beginning to see many, many more choices ahead. I'll keep listening for the suggestions for helping with choices that get posted.

  2. I feel similarly, Chrissy. For me, it helps to clear a path by focusing on words/themes that resonate with me.

    This year, the word that resonates with me is "Light."

    Every day is a process for me to focus on what matters.

    Best to you, as you choose the path that lights you up!

  3. oh my goodness......don't EVEN get me started!! i think i'm stuck on a big round-about right in the middle of about a million paths......they all shoot off into different directions......and i want to be on ALL of them......at the same time!!! yikes! i've decided that there must be a little hansel and gretel in me.....i'm just gonna follow the choco-crumbs and see where i end up!! one thing i'm SO happy for, though, is the path that led me to you, dear sweet girl!! xoxo, :))

  4. Connie Hozvicka from Dirty Footprints Studio posted this quote on her blog yesterday.

    "Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you love."

    and I'm passing it on to you...

  5. Hello, sweetness...
    OKAY...deep breaths first (in...out...in)
    Remember that you don't have to do it all at once. I've been "chunking it down" lately (me and my "Look something shiny" mess) and it is helping. Maybe pick a focus for each month and really dive into that focus and let the others go for 30 days.
    love you, Chrissy!!!!

  6. love to those path feet,
    love love love.
    (not many words this time/
    just lots of heart beats
    that love the path
    to yours).

  7. Dear Chrissy this is what our phone conversation was going to be this week!

    I have been thinking so much about my journey.... I think the path that I will be taking is going to be a path that is speaking to me.... singing a song that my heart knows. A road that will cause me to develop my voice and grow. To build relationships with others that are dancing along the path to their own song....I just know that you and I will see each on the paths that are before us. I am so thankful that you are in my life.... Always causing me to seek the high road.
    loving you,

  8. aaaaaaaaaaah......i am breathing this in and out.

    i have much to say but these words just keep coming back as simple as they are....

    "follow the path of your heart". - me

    i love you
    and am beyond grateful our paths crossed.


  9. Oh, how well i know this problem! Somehow, my doing is solving it for me. Some projects get done, in spite of stress and me thinking they will never happen - and other's don't. And i can't tell you, how this happens. Sometimes, i try to play more controll, but i can't. Too much in my life. And yet ... things have their way - quite a miracle!

  10. chrissy!!
    sometimes the paths are not easy to choose.
    sometimes it's hard to be even happy with the choices we did make.
    i am learning {i guess i have really already known this} to pray more.
    me...loads of prayers.
    i hope your paths you need to choose are not difficult ones.
    i hope there are just A LOT of them to choose from.
    i am glad to have connect with you.
    i am honored and blessed to call you my friend.
    i love you chrissy!!
    may 2011 bring you many paths to choose from all good and fuN ones.


  11. I'm with the lovely Kolleen, follow your heart. If there are still too many, this is what I do.... Write them all down on a big sheet of paper (which i tend to add to throughout the year - as i want to do IT ALL). Then just choose 2 or 3 to focus on. and sometimes that creeps up to 4! I cant wait to hear what path you choose to travel along first. xx

  12. I am right there with you! I feel all over the place with no focus. So many things I want to explore and do. I have set aside the first few weeks of the year to just play and really see what makes my heart sing and try to narrow things down to a hand full. Of course Artful Journey is coming up and that will open new possibilities! I think we can do all the things we want but not all right now! Some things need to sit on the shelf for a bit. Let's enjoy the journey!

  13. Wow - it sounds like you have hit on a dilemma that everyone is feeling. For me, right now, I feel like I have had enough classes, books, etc. to last a good long while. I want to pull back from all of it and do some creative work on my own. I would rather just do one or two things well than be scattered trying to do it all. It's all good, but it's too much (for me). Great question, my friend. Keep them coming. Happy hugs to you!!

  14. Listen to that still small voice within you. It always knows. And leads you the way. It's up to us to pause, abide and listen. xo

  15. I choose the path I feel I cant live without..I let my passion choose my path. What path draws the biggest line in the sand for...thats were i want to be. Thats who I want to love and thats what I want to do.

  16. This week I decided I need to pick just ONE THING and trust that the rest will be there waiting when I am ready...

  17. Oh what a question this is and a problem all us artsy types muddle with isn't it.

    I am so hyper and ready to get set on sooo many things/projects at once all the time...and not just on creative stuff, just last night I felt this wave of complete excitment over all the books I want to dive into and indulge in but than totally overwhelmed at the lack of time to read them all...

    Or bunnies....I am always wanting more bunnies....I am always feeling the need to help more but if I do the lovely equilbrium we've finally created for the 4 precious hearts we have now would be upset...I don't know...I hate the saying that 'we can't have it all' cause really I want to embrace abundance and welcome in as much goodness in 2011 as possible so why can't we have it all...who has the right to says we can't except for ourselves...cause there are many many levels & we are capable of extraordinary things so who says we somehow can't have it all...eventually do it all...all that is truly important to our authentic hearts anyways:D.

    It's a never ending battle I think....so what I am doing in this New Year is trusting myself more...trusting that if I work really hard (when I can! as a migraine sufferer I am knocked backwards and down ALOT!) that all of my projects will get done in their own time and to just enjoy every bit of the creative process as I complete my myriad of projects...for think of how we'd be if we didn't have the plethora of excitment, paths and options, life would be awfully dull....besides, us artsy types are made of extra strong stock aren't we, ha ha and we can handle a multitude of things all at once.

    Be Well lovely blogger. XO M & The Bunnies.


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