February 11, 2011

"heart" and seek day - 11

today i want to focus on several of the  HUGE HEARTS you have out there.
there are so many wonderful HEART surprises floating around right now.
has a wonderful blog and she has posted some serious HEART eye candy this week. this snowballHEART was one of my favorites.  
please visit her to see all her wonderfulness.
is a new friend of mine in the this big old HEARTY blog.o.sphere
she has share some of the most wonderful HEARTS with me recently 
along with her own sweet HEART she possesses.  
i am so happy we are new friends laura.
please check out her most recent HEART sightings HERE
 because i am a lover of all things old and chippy this discovery
by kelly at cherry doodles instantly won over my own HEART.
 and honestly...how closely would kelly have had to been examining this tree to find this little hidden bark of love?  it.s wonderful.  this tree was actually a whole "tree of love".  drop by kelly.s post HERE to see exactly what we mean.
i wanted to save kelly.s chip of the old HEART block for a whole "chip" HEART theme i have brewing but time is a tickin and we only have 3 more "official" days of this "HEART" and seek game.
i just want to know if you had the HEART to eat it kelly?

snowballs, rocks, ferns, leafs, entire trees, tortilla chips and even (and best of all) old chipped paint.  i hope that you are now in the full blown habit of seeking for HEARTS no matter where you are or what you are looking at.

cultivate a special eye for seeing LOVE wherever you are!


  1. oh my....after spending half my day posting some new art on my etsy page i thought i'd pop over to your blog. what a nice surprise to find my HEARTS here. i enjoyed some lunch in my garden on my green "grandma" chair today and thought of you.
    blessings on your day!!!

  2. You girls are killing me with your nice weather! :)
    How exciting to see all of these hearts here...even the one off of my floor!
    p.s. No, we didn't eat it (but I did save it).
    Thanks for including me Chrissy! XO

  3. Love all the lovely places that love can show up! So great.

  4. Again, Lovely post, I am enjoying the hearts and new sites to visit and new friends to make~xXx

  5. Thank you again for your reflections. I think I'll keep these words close to me for the next few days "cultivate a special eye for seeing LOVE wherever you are!". THANKS!!

  6. Love these nature hearts - so amazing and beautiful! Have a loving weekend Chrissy!

  7. Wow - how very cool - I adore your heart and seek posts and I'm thrilled that you included me :)

    Your kindness (and your heart seeking) is contagious!

    Thank you.


  8. Hi Chrissy ... it has been a long time! You know, every time i see a heart shape in something, I always think of you writing about it quite a few months back. How cool is that? Now I will be noticing hearts even more -- thanks to you. : )


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