November 14, 2011

blessings of heaven....

i was going through all of my photos from this summer and wondering where in the world to start with my recap of all our goings on.  what i realized was that i was blessed this summer.  VERY VERY BLESSED.
and it made me think...
so many others were "giving" to me...what did i offer to those around me, to bless their lives?
and so today, instead of showering you with photos of 
"summer days in the life of the gardner home"...
i am going to go out and 
i am going to get off this computer and 
 go do, serve, sacrifice a bit...
maybe you could do the same and we could each bring
 the blessings of heaven back into our own homes.
that's no sacrifice right!


cultivate sweet giving...


  1. I'd planned on giving some of my clothes and goods away to a charity today! So glad I join in your day of giving =-)

  2. Thanks Chrissy! Great idea. I'm out the door!

  3. I am hanging out with my sister all day giving her unconditional love..

  4. Oh, I love that beautiful quote! ;)
    Great idea my friend!

  5. Hello!!!!

    Beautiful quote and a great idea!


  6. Great idea! Love you for spreading LOVE. ♥

  7. What an inspiring quote - yes, the world needs more love spreading.


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