November 17, 2011

my craft channel dot com...

so has anyone visited 

it's actually a really cool concept.  kristine mckay brought together several artists within the craft industry and created 12 different 
craft shows around the various elements that each artist works with.
two of my sweet friends, christy tomlinson and april meeker
both have their own shows on this new website.  

so awhile back christy asked me to come be a guest on her show and i was so thrilled to be able to do this with her.  it was an especially awesome day because 3 of my dear friends, margie romney-aslettdanielle donaldson and jeanne oliver,  all came in town to film with christy.

danielle, jeanne and christy brainstorming
christy and jeanne getting ready to shoot
christy and margie on the studio computer
 me, margie, christy, jeanne and danielle
(photo from jeanne's blog)
it was such a fun day in the studio.  i pinch myself every time i have an opportunity to create and rub shoulders with such AMAZING artists.
(photo from margie)
...especially THIS artist!
christy has become such a dear friend to me.  she has really wise counsel to share with me and is always so willing to go out of her way to make me feel so good about myself.  i tell ya, i can be having thee worst day and just a text or a phone call from christy can turn that frown...upside down!  it is such a blessing to know that there is someone in your corner who still jumps up and down and shakes those pom poms for you...especially when you can't even seem to squeeze into that cheerleader skirt for yourself!  christy is over-the-moon talented and if you haven't taken the time to sign up for one of her WORKSHOPS you are missing out.  they are so affordable, which i LOVE and christy has the best personnality to teach.  SHE IS HILARIOUS!  
so do yourself a favor and breath in some christy for yourself.

among other can find her 
(including the 12 artsy ornaments of christmas)

and i'm nervous and scared and yet happy to announce that my episode with christy aired today and you can watch that HERE

hope you take the chance to pop on over to 
my craft channel and be inspired to create something wonderful today!



  1. Chrissy!!! I am so excited for you! I am already a huge fan of Christy's and have taken her workshops!! She is so much fun to watch and learn from!! I can't wait to watch you both on this show!! :)

  2. L O V E!!!!

    i am so proud of you and love when i can rub shoulders with you...because YOU. ARE. AN. AMAZING. ARTIST.

    know it sister!!


  3. chrissy i just watched your episode and it was fabulous! i'm so happy to see you inspiring others and having such fun doing it. love the bracelets too : )

  4. I love all of this happy goodness! You put a smile on my face. :)

  5. Loved the video. What brand was your box cutter/knife? It looks so easy to use.

  6. You were so fun to watch! Wish we could hang out and make journals together! <3

  7. WOW... WOW again! How cool is that?? I did not know about any of this, but I am off to check it out. So happy for you, Miss Chrissy!!

  8. Hi Chrissy! Your episode on Christy's (LOVE her) show was fabulous. I just saw it yesterday. I am so happy that you are able to share your talent with people. I NEED to make a journal now!! :) I hope you have a beautiful weekend.

    PS I am SO happy that you are back. I always love to see Cultivate pop up in my reader!

  9. Congratulations on such an amazing opportunity! I look forward to watching your sweet face on video later - sadly, the video had problems loading for me, but I have no doubt it's wonderful! =-)

  10. we're all waving our pom-poms and cheering for you, sweet choco-friend!! congratulations on this new adventure......SO very happy for you!! okay, i'm off to watch your craft channel debut!! sending you a big hug! xoxox

  11. Chrissy, that is so exciting! Congrats on such a cool, crafty opportunity!

  12. OMG, congrats dear one - such exiting news! Love all the crafzy ladies here and will pop over to have a look! xx

  13. i met you at spark and have been trying to figure out your last name...i was soooo excited to see you on with christy today! you are adorable and i loved your segment!!! those little journals are so so fun and i will be making a couple for christmas for sure!

  14. how cool is this!!! you are a ray of LIGHT my dear Chrissy. love you miss you!!!


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