October 7, 2009

...a book & a blessing

...a little over a year ago the subtle "whispers" of my creative side that came to me every now and again, began to turn into full blown "yells" from within.  i started actually feeling panicky and edgy about the need to create again (after taking a 16 yr. break to get my 5 little ones all in school) but didn't quite know where i wanted to begin.  there were several different artistic outlets that i enjoyed and just when i would start on one, the other would beckon and i found myself with a slew of unfinished projects and a heartful of frustration.  in an effort to get myself focused on a specific artistic adventure and learn some new techiniques, i went searching for a book. the blessing that came into my life was "this" .."taking flight. inspiration to give your creative spirit wings" by artist kelly rae roberts.  i picked this book up and haven't put it down since. 
   so much of what kelly touches on in her book, were the exact whisperings of my heart.  i just wasn't doing a very good job of listening to them.  i was so relieved when i read this book to know that there were other people out in the world who felt a desire to "unearth" their creative yearnings. a relief that brought actual tears to my eyes. thank you kelly for giving me....a book and a blessing!

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