October 25, 2009

...i'll never be the same!! (and that's a good thing)

...have you ever had one of those life changing experiences? the ones where you are absolutely positive you will never be the same again? i'm not talking the horrific experiences that unfortunately enter our lives at one point or another...but the beautiful ones?
...maybe your path crossed with others who left  huge footprints on your heart.  or maybe you traveled to the most breath taking, wave crashing, gull soaring, grass blowing in the breeze...beach.  maybe a kind, wise, gentle spirit gave you a safe place to "silence the blaring sounds of your daily existence." maybe a most beautiful soul taught you how to unearth whats truly important to you.  deep down in your core.  maybe you got the opportunity of a lifetime to spend creative days and intimate hours (serious, cuddle up on the sofa and talk like you've been friends forever, about all things important in life, hours) with  an artist you've deeply admired from afar and whose story and paintings inspired you to listen to the wispers within your heart.
...even as i type the words, it sounds too good to be real.  too delicious to taste.  the dreams i.ve only read and heard about "others" experiencing and yet i look into the expressive eyes of each woman in the photo above and see my face among them and know that it was real. 

it WAS real. 
it WAS life changing. 
i love these women. 
i will never be same.
...and that's a good thing.


  1. oooh, chrissy, i miss you so much

  2. i can still hear your voice and it makes me smile. :)

  3. your words are delicious!!!
    i miss you so much...can't wait till we figure out our next adventure together.
    SOON...my sister...SOON!!
    loving you,

  4. You're making me cry. I can't wait to get on that plane.

  5. we are forever changed by having you in our lives! thank you for being such a beautiful soul.

  6. beautiful. and so true. and we are forever changed because of you.


  7. chrissy, i had no idea this event even existed, let alone that you'd been to it. just found it today via Mati's FB post of last week. OH MY. I can't wait to find out when it's happening again. xo - Davi


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