October 21, 2009

..room for 24 more!

...right now my heart is so dang full i think it just might burst! i have 24 amazing women running around in it.  24 women i will never forget.  24 women who changed my life. 24 women i love.  i can't wait to tell you all about them.  seriously, i just can't wait...


  1. i love you friend!!
    i totally just pictured the 24 of us running around inside your heart!! great visual!!! i am missing those 24 faces, those 24 voices...the hugs and ALL THAT DANG LOVE!!!
    missing you so much....your sweet voice and beautiful smile!!! we need to start planning the next time we can visit face to face with one another!!

  2. dang it, you girls just need to move to Texas. right now. <3

  3. i can hear your beautiful laughter that forever rests in my heart.

    sending love and blessings to you this evening...

  4. I can't wait to hear. Was that a picture of you on Kelly Rae's blog today? I am thinking it was, and I was so excited for you.

  5. Hey you....you beautiful shining girl. I can hardly believe that not only did I have an amazing experience at the retreat, but that I walked away with new friends that are so amazing. You are definately one of those women! So thankful I met you and look forward to future times together (hopefully).

    ps....you are so stinking cute (hee hee)

  6. isn't it amazing...this feeling that all of us seem to be feeling? I wish everyone in the world could feel this way. I am so glad I met you!


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