October 31, 2009

...LOVE..it still surrounds me!

home now.  but the love still surrounds me.

2 weeks ago today i was enjoying a beautiful windy day on the oregon coast. surrendering my mind & body to the practice of yoga and the soothing, calm voice of this beautiful soul .

i spent the afternoon walking the tides of the beach, trying hard to capture this new found love in my life, through the lens of my camera.   ever so happy to be wearing my new rainboots.

as i've had almost two weeks away from these strangers i can now have the honor of calling my "friends", i've found it strangely lonely.  i miss them.  i miss their laughter.  i miss their hugs.  i miss their "super*dee*duper" phrases.  i miss their honesty.  i miss their stories.  
as we have connected in various ways since going back to our very different and separate lives, I STILL FEEL THE LOVE.  the love of these women STILL surrounds me.  it is a love i feel in a quick email just to say "i miss you.  that's all".  it is a love i feel in a text message or an invitation to an art show or a "please be my friend" on facebook.  there is love in a comment on my young blog or the encouraging of others to start their blogs.  i feel love when i see one of us bravely show a work of art or beautifully written words and others respond with "oh, you are so brave."  "you are so talented".  "keep it up girlfriend". 
this is the love that still surrounds me. 
i wanted to capture it in a painting.  (above)  at the end of our journey in manzanita, dear liz elayne gave each one of us a beautiful scarf.  it was a sight to see all 25 women each wrapped in their gift.  my painting reminds me that although i am home now, i can still feel the love of these women and cul*ti*vate all the good things that they brought to my life.  the scarf around my little house is that reminder.  it is an extra special scarf because it is made from a hand made paper ribbon that was sewn by my talented unearth friend, danielle, for all 25 women.  (thank you danielle for the scarf for my little home!)
& thank you to all my "scarf sisters" who continue to love me and enrich my life!
i love you all!


  1. oh my...such elegant heart-filled words from a much loved new sister/friend. you light me up, chrissy!

  2. whoo hoo...LOVE it!! i love the scarf around your sweet house!! i miss you....your hugs and smiles and tenderness! i always feel very "heard" when you and i talk...thank you for that my sweet sister!

  3. chrissy, this is beautiful.. the words, the art, you. you made me teary...love u!

  4. Ohh...HAPPY HALLOWEEN...beautiful Chrissy...I love the sweet house and the colors and the letters its perfect...I feel the same....

  5. I LOVE this post and your new art. That is an amazing piece!!!
    You are such a ray of sunshine and I feel privileged to have met you!
    Love and hugs from TX!!!

  6. Chrissy - love this piece - it's filled with feeling and meaning and those are the best kind! Your words brought a tear to my eye as well - I miss everyone too!!

  7. love the collage!

    i love your reflections here...it's wonderful to be able to tap into those feelings of connection and inspiration. can't wait to meet at Artful Journey =-)

  8. chrissy!!! you are such a love. thank you for sharing what is in your heart. i feel the same way, i still feel the warmth of that weekend and miss how i felt being in the presence of such an amazing group of women.

  9. Oh, Chrissy! Through most of the retreat I found I just didn't have tears, even though my heart was full. Today as I read your post the tears finally came. Thank you for bringing your love to the retreat. You made it special even BEFORE it started, with your enthusiastic organizing. And thank you for putting into words all that I've been feeling.

  10. this brought tears to my eyes. thank you for these words..
    and LOVE LOVE LOVE the collage.
    sending you a big hug right now.
    blessings and light...

  11. this brought tears to my eyes too. thank you.

    i love your collage so much.

    much love. :)

  12. Love your painting! It's beautiful!

  13. I"m so impressed - your collage is magnificent AND you've got more comments on one post than I think I have altogether. Yea for you.


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