November 25, 2010

5 kernels of corn...

it was 1623 and the pilgrims were literally starving.
governor bradford had rationed out what little food was left.
5 kernels of corn.
that was what our early settlers had to live on each day.
5 tiny kernels
 and yet....they bowed their heads in thanksgiving to their God
for all of their wonderful blessings.  i am always humbled
 each year as i remember this story of those pilgrims and their hardships.
 my 8th great grandmother, mary perkins was one of those pilgrims.
 each year as my family comes to the table, 
laden with food enough to feed a colony,
they find 5 kernels of corn resting upon their plate.
5 kernels to remind them of how blessed we are as a family.
it is always a sober reminder and one which sticks in my mind as i lay my kernels aside and begin to load my plate with bounty.  i hope it is one that will find it.s place into the hearts of my children and in years to come as they set their tables of harvest in their own homes, i hope the first thing "their" children see on their thanksgiving plates will be
5 kernels of corn.

have a very blessed thanksgiving!
i am so thankful for all of you!

cultivate an attitude of gratitude


  1. I like your idea of a thoughtful way to begin Thanksgiving dinner. I think I'll give it a try here today.

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

    P.S. I'd love to send you a card in the mail - not sure how to get your address/email etc. to get address.

  2. how such
    open space
    instructs us
    seeing much.
    happy thanksgiving,
    lovey dove.

  3. beautiful post.. and so meaningful.
    U are wonderful.

  4. Beautiful way to teach the lesson of being grateful for what you have. I agree with the wise Rachel Awes--
    open space
    instructs us
    seeing much."
    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Chrissy. Thankful for what you help me to cultivate in my life.

  5. what a beautiful tradition. i can imagine that your children will certainly carry it on. i hope you and yours had a wonderful day!

  6. LOVE THIS!!!! what a great reminder.

  7. Amazing story! I want to remember this. I love that you are passing it on. Love you!

  8. I have never heard this story before... WOW... I wish I would have read it yesterday. What an awesome, awesome post.

    Love you girlie, thanks for sharing!!

  9. What a moving story and great reminder! Funny - the friend that hosted our dinner yesterday and I went to pick up her parents (ages 94 and 97)so they could join us. Her dad's mom was a Bradford and they were talking about how their roots have been traced back to Governor Bradford. Interesting! Love you for sharing this and, yes, I will see you Friday!!

  10. Such a powerful story in its simplicity and rawness, and beauty of the grateful soul. I'll never look at corn the same again!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, dahling :)

  11. What a lovely post my dearest Chrissy, such a great reminder of how it all began. Lots of love xxx

  12. you are amazing. i love how deep you are and how much appreciate life. loving you dear chrissy. totally loving you

  13. I love this, Chrissy!! What a wonderful way to express to your children the importance of gratitude.

    Grateful for YOU, sweet friend and so thankful I get to see you soon!!! yay!

  14. what an absolutely beautiful tradition and wonderful way to teach your kiddlies of their bounty!

    YOU are so bountiful in the love you shine upon this world!!!

    loving you so
    and can. not. wait. to hug you!!

  15. I love your sweet tradition Chrissy.
    I would like to borrow this and add it as a tradition for my family.

    I hope your Thanksgiving day was filled with the sweetest of blessings.
    Take care and know that I adore you.

  16. I vaguely remember this story.

    Love that you have thought about how to incorporate the message into your Thanksgiving. I hope it was wonderful and full of blessings!


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