November 17, 2010

so sweet....

i am grateful today for fresh berries over plain greek yogurt 
sweetened with a touch of stevia.

anyone else out there use stevia?
if so, do you have any good recipes?

happy wednesday!


  1. nothing to suggest other than this looks delicious!!

  2. Absolutely beautiful! I LOVE Greek yogurt and this is making me hungry. Sorry, don't know anything about stevia. Hugs to you!!

  3. YUMMY! This photo literally made my taste buds wake up :-) Sorry don't know anything about stevia. xxx

  4. ~no stevia but greek yogurt with a swirl of honey and cinnamon and fresh slices of peaches...oh my!!! looks delicious!!! wishing you well and blessings always upon you and yours~

  5. omg...i was just introduced to greek yogurt with it. now i gotta try it with berries.... :-)
    i have never used stevia but must try it soon.
    will miss you this weekend. know that we are thinking of you.
    love you!

  6. Looks yummy! I'm not that familiar with Stevia - but my breakfast of choice is similar. I love plain Greek Yogurt, fresh raspberries, and some granola. Gets me going!!

  7. yum-eeeeeeeee!!

    looks delish!

    remember those wonderful blueberries we chowed on at the beach?!?! that is what i thought of looking at that pic!!

    i love you sweets

  8. of course those berries shine,
    but i think it's because
    they rest
    on a bed
    of yogurt.
    loooooooove you. xoxox

  9. oh, yeah......stevia rocks!!! i love knowing that it's a healthier alternative to sugar.....and, of course, it allows me to have an extra piece of chocolate!! heehee. xox, :))

  10. this is my favorite meal of all time. maybe with a little granola too. And maybe pita with nutella inside...

  11. Yummy! I don't have any stevia recipes but I make black bean(yes beans) brownies that are super delicious and nutritious. I'm sending you virtual hug! Happy Weekend sister!

  12. hi chrissy~ i had never had greek yogurt or stevia and saw this picture and it looked so good that as i am writing this i have a bowl that looks just like yours in front of me and LOVE it! thanks for the great new dish:)
    happy thanksgiving~xo cindy


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