November 19, 2010

everybody wants to be loved...and fed!

remember learning about pavlov.s dog?  
how he would call his dogs to eat by ringing a bell? 
 it was classical conditioning.
  {no, i didn.t know that name just off the top of my head, 
i actually had to google it}
anyway.  every time pavlov would ring the bell, the dogs would salivate.
well, call me pavlov.s dog.  why?  you ask?
you may have read my post HERE on the amazing food we were spoiled with at brave girls camp.  well those clever ladies came up with a beautiful idea to let everyone in the house know that food was ready to be enjoyed.  instead of hollering or ringing an old cow bell, they played the most catchy, make ya wanna dance, can.t help but smile and sing along song ever heard.  wherever we were, whatever we were doing at camp, when this song came on a pavlovian effect took place in every brave girl.s taste buds.  it was the most heavenly sound i heard at camp  {next to the sound of us all singing together...that was downright goosebumpy too}
i came to love this song, not only because it meant i was about to eat the most delicious comfort food my body has ever ingested, but also because the words of this song really rang true to my heart.

"everybody heals with love."
enough said.

apparently i sing this song a lot because i hear it being hummed down the hall by one of my little ones or blasted in my teenagers bedroom.
i even found it on the doodles of my 11 yr. old.s homework last week.
i do have to say that since returning from brave girls camp, i have an darn awful evil hunger that comes over me every time i hear ingrid.s voice.  i wonder if pavlov.s dogs ever wished he never rang that very first bell?
 nah!  probably not!!!!

have the best day and cultivate letting the love love love begin!


  1. How clever that is... playing music to announce dinner! I am going to have to try that at home!!! Wonder if that would somehow work for cleaning up bedrooms and putting away toys ?!?!
    Love hearing about your Brave Girl adventures!!!
    Happy Turkey Day! :) xoxox - Kim

  2. So True Chrissy!!! The song makes my spirit dance, my tummy growl but fills my heart! Not sure how it's going to be received by my guys at Thanksgiving, but it's going to be dinner call!
    Love and Miss you!

  3. :) Love, Love, Love your post.... my hubby asked me if I was stressed the other day when we sat down to dinner. I said, "No!, Why did you ask me that?" He said, "You're humming that Love song again!"

  4. what a wonderful song! I've never heard it before. I'll admit I'm pretty much a country music girl so i've never heard of ingrid, but i really like her sound! i think i just might have to learn this song on guitar! :-) hope you are well, sweet friend.

  5. Wonderful post Chrissy!! My girls sing this song every day as they are waving goodbye on the bus to me each morning...complete with heart pumps!!! (and it makes me want to run in and eat!) :o) xxoo

  6. LOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!! (your 11 year old's homework is THE BEST.) this post makes my heart smile!!!

  7. fabulous. happiness is the hear that still feels pain. that's fabulous. food and music both feed the soul and this combination is magical...thanks for sharing : )

  8. I just adore Ingrid!! And this song, LOVE it! I just turned that song up as loud as my computer would let me & danced around the room with my 5 year old daughter. Sweet, sweet time!! :)Thank you for your post Chrissy. Have a wonderful love filled weekend.

  9. Such a sweet song! I didn't know it yet, so thanks for sharing Chrissy - it puts me in a good mood, just right for a saturday! So great your son adorned his homework with the lines - the teacher will be surprised! I wish you a fantastic weekend - and thanks for visiting me :)

  10. What a nice song! I had never heard it before. Thanks for sharing your inspiration Chrissy! :)

  11. Yes, isn't it funny how the mind and belly are connected? And the heart (which also happens to be physically located at the center)seems to make it all come together.

  12. Thanks for sharing this amazing and catchy song!!

  13. Just downloaded this song to my iphone, it feels so happy! I'm in a super good mood today after making art all day and this song is the cherry on top!

  14. Catchy tune! I can just imagine all the creative brave girls running to the table :))

  15. Love this! I had never heard that song but it is gorgeous!
    Big hug to you

  16. This is one of the things you do the very best! SPREAD THE LOVE! love ya cutie pie

  17. I feel like dogs like to think about food as much as they like to eat it, so probably not. ;)

  18. Hi Chrissy--Today this was the song my daughter and I danced to before she left for school. I checked the c.d. out at the library, because of your post here...Just like the other song you introduced us to "Stella The Artist" ; )

    Thanks for cultivating a song in my heart!


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