November 13, 2010

old. new. borrowed. blue.

hi friends...i am finally back from utah.
{the game was ugly!!!  my team got creamed.}
watching snow fall after an incredibly hot summer in arizona 
was invitingly refreshing however.
the sweet and talented martina at m's art impressions
challenged me to do a post about...
something old.  something new.
something borrowed.  something blue.
something old.  
limestone grave markers dating back to the early 1800's
in an old cemetery outside of boston, mass.  
i am always yearning to know the history of these people.
i.m nosey i guess.
something new.
2 new pieces i am working on.
{i know.  i know.  i "never" share my work with you guys!}
oh and this is a new sampler from rebecca ringquist at drop cloth.
{new for me, she just came out with a "new" for her, sampler}
i am way into embroidery right now.
i got turned on to her by an artist i love...pam garrison
{who, by the way, has thee most wonderful big crazy summer journal quilt,
that you just have to check out.}
something borrowed.
this most wonderful recipe for "soul sweet taters"
i am always looking for a way to get my family to love sweet potatoes
and thanksgiving is just around the corner right?
you and i both, can learn how to make these here.
from the wonderful pioneer woman.
something blue.
my vintage western flyer bicycle which i adore.
my most favorite blue thing in the world, next to my 9 yr. olds blue eyes.

this was a fun challenge...if you want to play along please let me know,
so i can check out what you came up with.
happiest of weekends.

cul*ti*vate a challenge


  1. love this post! and love what you are working on. what kind of camera do you have. your pictures are great. i love sweet potatoes. gonna check out that recipe. thanks!

  2. alright chrissy darling,
    i am smitten with your embroidery.
    i wonder if you'd ever do an art trade...

    & how about i join in to your playing HERE...
    OLD souls running deep.
    NEW a pair of peacock earrings.
    BORROWED i stepped into a huge water pile next to a curb out of the car, & even though in rainboots, the water soaked my socks...& so a sweet friend, whose home we were going into, borrowed (& then gave me) her green/orange socks to wear!
    GREEN ok, not blue, but i've got to be who i've got to be! my bike i've named MAY. i promise you this,..she & your flyer would look amazing next to each other!
    welcome home w/love. always w/love. xox

  3. Aww, such a sweet collection of things that say a lot about you! Your western vintage bycicle us so cool - and so are the two canvases you begun! Please post them again when ready. Also your embroidery - can't wait to see it!

  4. Oh boy! I love, love, love seeing those works in progress. More please!!!

  5. What a fab challenge and YES I LOVE your works in progress girlfriend. Your photos are beautiful too as always. xxx

  6. Looking forward to seeing where those collages go, if you will show them, I already love them :)

  7. What a beautiful collection for this challenge! I also love the stories of people and have found myself mesmerized by old tombstones. There's beauty in everything, right?

    Happy scrumptious week to you, dahling :)

  8. what a fun challenge!!! but now MY challenge is going to be trying to keep my hands off of that fabulous sampler and your super cool blue bike (can you stitch and ride at the same time?!!). xoxo, :))

  9. i love seeing your art! more please!!

  10. Your embroidery pattern is so fun!!! I always say I am going to do it and I still have not done it. I just need to get all the supplies and SIT down and do it. It would be perfect while watching a movie etc.

  11. In love with the embroidery and that awesome bike! I can just picture you cruising along with flowers in the basket and a big smile on your pretty face. :) Love seeing collage art in progress too! Let me know next time you'll be in Utah and maybe I can plan a trip too.
    Loves to you my sister,

  12. I'm in love with embroidery also, it was something I taught myself as a child and has always been my first love. I'm glad to see it back in the form of Rebeccas lovely samplers.

  13. I think I will have to steal your idea on a future post. My oldest is getting married in April and we are trying to come up with a cool theme for her shower with Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Blue. Any suggestions?

    Her invites have those words on them as well.

    Ah life is sweet don't you agree? I so enjoy reading your posts....very inspiring. I added you to my side links. Is that OK?

    Have a blessed day.

    p.s. love the vintage bicycle.


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