November 2, 2010

to soothe, console or reassure...

lately i have been the beneficiary of comfort in it.s many forms
*  unending love and concern from a dear friend.
*  hearing the calm rhythm in the voice of a soul sister for the very first time.
*  text messages out of the blue just to say "i love you"
*  a hug around the waist with the exclamation...
" are the best mom in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD."
*  caramel popcorn....still warm.
*  a whole pint of haagen daz amaretto almond crunch ice cream
(yep...the WHOLE thing.)  eaten with a fork.
*  sweet reassurance that my children are on the right path.
*  answered prayers for loved ones in need.

what brings you comfort at this time in your life?
what comfort do you give?

cultivate your gifts of comfort


  1. Cosy warm hugs when it's wild outside
    Tea and freshly baked cakes
    Friends like you

  2. Conversations with my best friend. Curling up in bed with my dog. Wrapping a hands around a warm cup of coffee.

  3. ~waking in the morning hearing the rise and fall of my family...savoring that silence...even just for a moment...allowing me to start my day in peace...laying down at night knowing everyone is tucked in safe snug and tight...twinkling eyes looking at me...laughter for all to be heard...a quick warming touch from my l♥ve...sweet reminders in many unexpected ways each day that comes forth giving me encouragement that all will forevr be ok...chrissy once again you have filled my mind with such nourishing words...comfort i have and always find when i come for a visit...i do hope all is well and your spirit is at ease...much l♥ve and light shining ever so brightly upon you and yours~

  4. Reflecting on the positive. Deep breaths that fill my body. Kisses from my little ones. Listening without judgement.

  5. Remembering my time spent with you just a few short weeks ago...and how blessed I feel to have a mama bird for life...XOXO

  6. i love easy questions......because you know my answer to any "comfort" question will certainly have chocolate in it!!! although, i must admit that eating the pint of haagen daz with a fork sounds mighty tempting.....xoxo
    p.s. just following up.....i hope you received your giveaway goodies in time for halloween! xoxo

  7. Just today, I was contemplating the same thing and today, I was comforted by a cup of hot tea, a warm blanket, checking in with my blog family, fall decorations glowing in reds and oranges, a friend inviting me for tea, my dad calling for a chat, and an unexpected letter in the mail! Much love and a big hug! Silke

  8. hmmmmmmm, chrissy,
    just seeing the
    title of your post
    & then your handwriting
    & then the rhythm
    of your list...
    all comfort to be sure.
    given just as needed,
    when needed, & fitting
    just right...
    like in fairytales.
    loooooooove you.

  9. aww, comfort! i find comfort in possiblities.
    in mis-spelling and refusing to edit (sometimes, if i can be so bold!)
    in being an earlier riser.
    in taking the day as it comes.
    in your sweet video post below!
    in so many things...
    in searching
    in asking
    in learning
    in growing

    looove, carissa

  10. I was gonna say "hummus" (there's a hummus among us!) but then I remembered that I'm on a "Hummus Hiatus" because I'm trying to shrink my tush for my big 4-0 Hawaii trip ;)

    I think tomato soup and sandwiches on a Sunday afternoon with my family all around and fire in the wood stove.
    Also, my favorite black sweater that reminds me of my time in NY...miss it this time of year.

    Heaps of love to you!!!

  11. Dear Chrissy,
    love your list - such sweet things! Aw, yes, love in all kinds of relationships, hot bubble-baths, time to create, my sweet cat purring on my lap, sleeping in (occasionally ;)), big gulps of fresh air, golden leaves, the list never ends!
    For a 3 column layout try
    I think that was where i got advice from. It's not that hard to do, but you need to change html-code. Let me know if it works for you! xx

  12. Comfort comes in so many forms - everything from feeding my food cravings to feeding my art making obession, but best of all...feeding my heart with lots of love, for my family and friends (all good stuff indeed!) And practically all the wonderful things you've listed are on my list as well...definitely, good thoughts to savor.

  13. real, honest beautiful friendships brings me comfort.
    laughing so hard tears are rolling down my face brings me comfort.
    buttoning up my house at night when everyone inside is safe and healthy brings me comfort.
    giving love and reaching out to others brings me comfort.
    believing in all things possible brings me comfort.
    God brings me comfort.

    loving you so much my sweet sister.
    thank you for this lovely post.


    (eat ice cream with a fork!!! you know it!!!!)

  14. ~ spending time with family ~ supporting each other in prayer ~ watching dreams unfold ~

  15. may have to try the ice cream with a fork! comfort is my favorite word. seems the older i get the more i look and long for things of comfort. my list could go on and on, but my favorite thing is my home that I am so blessed to own. having a hubby that takes care of me no matter what! hugs from my school students and a call or text from my grown children. sorry...i could go on and on.

  16. a day (ok, days) spent in pajamas watching gossip girl and eating chocolate + caramel. when things come up that are hard, sometimes surrounding yourself with comfort is a very good thing.

  17. What a lovely post! I find comfort in:

    slow dancing round the kitchen with my soul mate,

    snuggling on the sofa with said soul mate and our two dogs who don't live up to their independant terrier reputations and love nothing more than sprawling across my lap!

    fleecy pjs, toasty bedsocks, a roaring fire while the rain pelts off the windows outside

    knowing that whatever happens in this life my family are always there and always supportive.

  18. thank you, dear chrissy, for making me stop and think about this, reflect on

    creating a cozy, warm home for my family as the days get chilly. warm starbucks coffee.
    a big, long embrace from my husband. getting a back rub from my daughter. pouring out my heart to God right before i fall asleep.


  19. I found comfort in your post; I eat ice cream with a fork lol! Comfort, a cup of tea, love of my family, laughing with them, hugs, a smile,
    warm bed, my beagle greeting me, help with the groceries, being there! Knowing I have a home in my heart for them and them for me~
    Lovely sentiment~ xXx

  20. I find your post supremely comforting :) as well as extra hot caramel macchaiatos, bear hugs, kind words, my silky doglet, cheese toasted sammies with spicy tomato soup . . . Laughing especially laughing, oh, and listening and being listened to. xo

  21. today was not a school day so i let everyone sleep in... and got to fade in and out of that dreamy world where farfetched ideas and notions play around each other! it was comforting and so delicious! i love your doodly word piece here!

  22. lovely spaces to rest and breathe... always ADORE coming over to visit you friend...


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