November 27, 2010

a holiday challenge....

do you ever just have a great desire to make the most of the holiday season?
i do this every year.  i fret about the commercialism that surrounds us.
i worry that my children will grow up thinking this time of year is about receiving.  and not giving.  i strategize about how i can teach them to serve.
  to give.   sub for santa.s.   angel trees.  feeding the hungry.  
making scarves and blankets for the homeless. done all these things.  and all these things are good.
but i want something that will last throughout the season.
something simple that they can do each day to give to others.
my friends at brave girls club have a perfect answer for me.
if you are looking for a holiday challenge you may want to give this a try.

if you don.t have time to watch the whole thing you can read about it here!!!

think what could happen if everyone in the world took a moment of their time to spread words of kindness....WOW!!!!

cul*ti*vate words of kindness


  1. My kids and I are doing this too Chrissy... next weekend when the community holds all it's Christmas craft shows. I think it will be so amazing.

    Can't wait to see how your family feels too.



  2. I think I will be doing this with my girls scout group....the video is awesome.

  3. So cool... such beautiful hope notes!

  4. This is brilliant! I am so going to do this!

  5. A great idea! I leave little message around places, but always anonymously. I am too shy!

  6. Love the messages of kindness so lovely for this time of year. I would sometimes leave post it notes for friends to find. its so much more fun to give than to receive, especially to people you dont know and dont expect it. xx

  7. thank you so much for sharing this! it's absolutely wonderful! and i am so going to do this!

    xoxo, juliette

  8. we did it on black was so amazing...definitely brought me to tears on more than one occasion...
    ‎"To the loved, a word of affection is a morsel; but to the love-starved, a word of affection can be a feast. "
    Max Lucado
    loving you mama bird <3

  9. Those are some brave girls for sure, I love the idea! I love your thanksgiving tradition and that love dough on your last couple of posts! You are such an amazing mom!

    Thanks for signing up for my Giveaway, I'll put your name in twice!
    You mean a lot to me Chrissy, big hugs to you sister!

  10. i showed my kids, chrissy...we want to do this! thank you for always inspiring...your genuine love and soulfulness come through your blog! xo

  11. I'm so doing this- starting today- maybe modified. But I made cards and will tuck them in public places to encourage any one whose heart is open to the message. Heading out the door now!

  12. I totally LOVE this. I really want to do this but feel a bit un-brave to hand them out. I feel better about leaving them for someone to find. And also, I am going to attach them to gifts.


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