November 5, 2010

after the game...

it.s the weekend....again.
they keep coming faster and faster it seems.
how do you spend your weekends?  
do you race around all over town getting things done
that you didn.t get to during the week?
or do you be nice to yourself and retreat in for some rest?

take some time to renew your spirit this weekend.

{personally i am going to a football game with my dad.
whooo hooooo!    go utes! 
then i.ll take a nap.}

cul*ti*vate rest for yourself


  1. some weekends are busy,
    some weekends are restful,
    but the best weekends are ART-FULL!!

    have fun at the game!

  2. rest is always a good thing.. xo LOVE YOU CHRISSY!

  3. always a grand mix of lots!
    have an awesome time w/your dad
    & resting...
    looooove to you, deer!

  4. i completely rest and enjoy each and every weekend after being a wedding planner on the west coast for so many years...bliss!

  5. i try to rest on saturdays. teaching school sure takes the starch out of me. my hubby works every saturday, so i have the house to myself. some weekends i actually feel like playing in my art room. those weekends are the best.

  6. Being a stay-at-home mom, my weekends are pretty much the same as my weekdays, so much so that I sometimes lose track of which it is! That also means sometimes we're busy, sometimes not. But I totally agree that rest is super important, no matter your schedule!

  7. I run around to games for my son. He plays soccer and baseball. My daughter has play practices every Friday evening. My rest comes with sleeping in. The kids are pretty well trained, they get up and watch some cartoons and they can even poor their own cereal now. (NICE!!) Now, if I could get them to make the coffee.... haha

    I am missing you my friend!


  8. Every other week-end I rest and the other week-end I play camping. Camping includes journaling and art making. Resting includes time with my best friend both are good for my spirit. Have a good weekend yourself.

  9. My man and I are both self employed so we work 7 days a week. Our weekends are any day we're together and playing! And we make sure we have plenty of "weekends" to enjoy :)

    Happy wonderful weekend to you, dahling!!!

  10. Well.... since I am so lucky not to have to go to work every day any longer... I find myself doing more stuff during the week, when it's not so crazy out there and sometimes just staying home on the weekends. Not that I'm not working, but it's FUN work. Yay!! Have a great one, sweet Chrissy!!! XOX

  11. Hope you had lots of fun at the game. This weekend was a little busy, but fun. next weekend is more restful me thinks. xxxx

  12. I drive my daughters 200 miles round trip to their hockey practices/games each day of every weekend. It is tiring, and yet I enjoy it. They are great daughters, and will be representing Team Yukon in the female hockey division at Canada Winter Games this upcoming February. I am a proud mom!

  13. I try to savor each weekend but they do fly by! This weekend we went in to the city with some friends and had dinner at a yummy Burmese place. Hope you had fun at the football game!

  14. Weekends are always too short for me, because i want to do both: take a rest and be REALLY lazy, AND meet people and have fun!
    Hope yours was a great one!
    I've tagged you with a fun blog-theme. C'mon over and have a look! xox

  15. hope you had fun at the game with your dad!! enjoy your week ahead, sweet pea!!! xox, :))

  16. Hello sweet Chrissy-
    I thought of you so much this weekend as you were here in my little corner of the world- I was wishing we could have met for breakfast at that cute little eggs in the city.
    I was busy hosting a baby shower for my DIL- she is in the hospital... hopefully we will have a healthy baby tomorrow as she is being induced a month early!

    hugs to you....

  17. Dear Chrissy...I haven't been over here in a while...we have been so busy (MOVING!) But this post is exactly what I, rest and more rest:)


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